Prime Minister Dr. Haider al-Abadi receives US Vice President Joe Biden


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received Mr. Prime Minister , Dr. Haider al – Abadi in his office on Thursday , US Vice President Joe Biden and his accompanying delegation. During the meeting , theydiscussed strengthening relations between the two countries in various fields and developments in the security and economic situation and to support the reforms and the war on Daash terrorist gangs in addition to preparations for the seven major industrialized nations to be held in Japan and the support to be submitted to Iraq. Dr. Abadi that Iraq achieves significant victories over the terrorist gangs and we have the determination and resolve to full liberalization Iraqi territory as we are continuing reforms and move the country to the right path. in turn he praised Mr. Biden substantial progress Iraqi forces in the liberation of the Iraqi lands from thegrip Daash and that the United States supports Iraq fully in the fight against theterrorist gangs. He also stressed the continued support of his country to Iraq to face the challenges that passes by, especially in the financial and economic sphere and the reconstruction of areas that have been edited.



Life returning to Tuz, a day after the signingof thetruce agreement



Tuz spend in Salahuddin province


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28/04/2016 18:33
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Long-Presse / Kirkuk

Announced Qaimmqamah tooz district in Salahuddin province, on Thursday, the return of “stability and life” to the judiciary, east of Tikrit, Salahuddin province, (170 km north of Baghdad), while confirming that the signed agreement entered into force from today.

Tuz said Mayor Abdul waterfall, in an interview with (long-Presse), “The general situation in the district of Tuz, (90 km east of Tikrit), are stable after a day on the agreement signed for the return of security to the judiciary.”

He said Abdul, “The shops and restaurants re-opening after closing over the previous days because of the events witnessed by the elimination of security incidents,” he said. “All the roads are open, including the road to Baghdad – Kirkuk.”

He said Abdoul, that “the application of the terms of the agreement signed on Wednesday, came into force today actively, in order to restore security and to address the situation in the judiciary.”

It was at the Council of Salahuddin province member, confirmed on Thursday (April 28, 2016), said the Peshmerga and the crowd forces, preparing to leave to spend Tuz, east of Tikrit, Mrkzmhafezh Salahuddin, (170 km north of Baghdad), in implementation of the agreement yesterday, and while noting that the Ministry of the Interior agreed to adapt the new elements of the people of the judiciary, he said that local police will take over the security file tasks in the judiciary.

The secretary general of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri, said, on Wednesday, (2016,4,27), to reach an agreement between the leadership of the crowd and the Kurdish leaders that includes taking out the popular crowd forces and the Peshmerga spend Tuz, east of Tikrit, Salahuddin province, (170 km north of Baghdad), starting from tomorrow, Thursday, and pointed out that the local police and emergency forces will take over security duties in the judiciary, said Deputy Chief of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes, security will return to the courts during the “next 48 hours.”

The Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri and deputy chief of the popular crowd Abu Mahdi Mohandes, Zara Wednesday, (2016,4,27), spend Tuz in Salahuddin province.

The governor of Kirkuk, Najm al-Din Karim stressed, in the (26 April 2016), the clashes between the sides in the conflict stopped in the district of Tuz, east of Tikrit (170 km north of Baghdad), and pointed to the arrest of a number of “agitators”, as revealed visit Expected to Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Amiri to consolidate the ceasefire, called on everyone to “exercise restraint.”

The Mayor tooz district in the province of Salahuddin waterfall Abdoul, had confirmed (25 April 2016), that the road to Baghdad – Kirkuk reopened a day after it closed because of the events that took place in the judiciary, as pointed out that the administration of justice will meet with leaders of the popular crowd and Peshmerga to strengthen security and stability in Tuz.

The Mayor of Tuz, had announced (April 25, 2016), the release of seven truck drivers kidnapped Kurds, stressing that the activities of the judiciary seeks to maintain stability and the return of the situation there to normal.

The Secretary General of the Badr Organization, Hadi al-Ameri, announced in the (24 April 2016), signed an agreement for an immediate cease-fire in the district of Tuz between the popular crowd and the Peshmerga, revealing a future meeting to discuss the truce in the judiciary and to ensure the non-recurrence of the crisis, as he emphasized his intention to approach the President of the Council Minister to consider the victims of the events of the judiciary. “martyrs”, counting that any internal battle “only serve the foreigner.”

A security source in Salahuddin province, reported in (24 April 2016), that 13 people had been killed and wounded in clashes between elements of the popular crowd and the Peshmerga forces in the district of Tuz, east of Tikrit (170 km north of Baghdad), and as he emphasized cutting the road to Baghdad – Kirkuk completely.

And Tuz spend inhabited by Turkmen and Arabs, Kurds, unremitting violence and bombings since 2003 and hit the southern regions and western control (Daash), but the Peshmerga popular crowd re-edited, but tension has existed between them, and no longer displaced to areas liberated from Tuz.

Saleem al-Jubouri confirms Biden on the importance of international support in the current circumstances


Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, stressed the importance of international support for Iraq in all fields, especially in light of the current circumstances and challenges faced by This came during a meeting with al-Jubouri, Joe Biden, US vice-president, who is visiting Iraq two sides discussed the latest political and security developments in Iraq and the region, in addition to discussing the economic situation that the country is going through and the importance of supporting Iraq in this aspect.

The meeting also stressed the importance of continuing the war on Daash and investment momentum of victories achieved in all fields, from his part, Biden on the need to resolve crises and disputes through dialogue, stressing the support of the Iraqi state institution and prevent the collapse of the political process and called for the continuation of the march of comprehensive reforms, which leads the country to safety and stability .

US official reveals the merits of Biden’s visit to Baghdad


Thursday 28-04-2016 | 6:01:03


Twilight News / visited by US Vice President Joe Biden, Iraq abruptly on Thursday in a gesture of support for his government, which is seeking to take advantage of the gains in the war against al-Islamic state amid tension arising from the political crisis.

This is the first time that the Biden visit Iraq since the United States withdrew its troops in 2011. It is the highest US official to visit Iraq this month.

And it seized control of the Islamic state over large areas of the territory of Syria and Iraq since 2014. Iraqi forces have regained some territory, including Ramadi, capital of Anbar province, but after a long period of fierce battles continued and resulted in widespread destruction.

A senior US administration official told reporters traveling with Biden to Iraq, “he was to go there seeking for some time. We were looking for an opportunity. “

The Biden’s visit, which was planned over a few months, an indication of what the White House sees progress made by Iraqi forces in their efforts to defeat the militants over the past year.

A senior administration official said that Biden has personal relationships with Iraqi leaders and talk to them almost every ten days on average.

Administration official added that the visit aims to address the “misconception in the region” that Iran has influence in Iraq