Urgent .. Peshmerga and the crowd agree to end the crisis Tuz


Wednesday 27-04-2016 | 5:38:40

Fighter Albeshmrkh- h d

Fighter Albeshmrkh- h d

Twilight News Peshmerga forces of the Kurdistan / agreed folk crowd Wednesday to calm the situation and bring it back to normal in KHURMATO.

The Kurdistan News satellite of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, the two sides agreed to restore the situation to normal in Khromato, pull the Peshmerga forces and the crowd of the city, the two sides also agreed to form a joint security committee to organize the withdrawal of troops, and to compensate those affected by the clashes between the peshmerga and the crowd of Turkmenistan, not to mention for the opening of all roads leading to the city.
It is said that a delegation of senior Peshmerga has met today with the leaders of the popular crowd to end the tensions in the district KHURMATO.