The start of the Economic Forum for the Middle East Foundation for Research / Mary / with the participation of Iraqi private banks association


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Launched in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq on Wednesday, the Economic Forum for the Middle East Foundation for Research / Mary / to discuss the current financial and economic crisis in Iraq in general, and the region in particular, and ways out of it.
The forum, which will discuss the participation of local economic and financial bodies and foreign sober, including the Iraqi private banks association represented by its president and Wadih Handal, ways to ensure Alastaqraralaguetsada under the reform measures the public and private sectors and strategies aimed at overcoming the current problems.
And Turkzseaot which received during the forum sessions over three days on Mhaoraadh, most notably, how the oil revenue management and Algazausadh law, anti-corruption, and increase the competitiveness of local companies, and means of strengthening the financial sector, and address the effects of geopolitical the process of economic reform.
He met on the sidelines of the opening session of the forum head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal, with the Governor of Erbil Nawzad Hadi, and discussed with him the obstacles and problems facing the banking and financial sectors, and ways to find stable solutions specific to her, it was agreed between the two sides to hold a second meeting during the next two days, to continue Search this important issue.
Comes the Economic Forum in Arbil, at the time Amrfait Iraq including Kurdistan province, a financial crisis and economic Sharp, which calls for moving away from the approach rentier states and redraw the restructuring of the economic system, and the study of successful experiences on a global scale in this area, and make use of them to the farthest limits.
Acharaly that the Middle East Research / Mary / Foundation is a specialized independent research to find economic solutions to the crises in the Middle East. She holds on an assessment of a US foundation.
 This institution and on the status of bases that guarantee Alastaqraralaguetsada under the reform measures necessary in the public and private sectors, and to benefit from external expertise in this area, and to develop strategies to overcome the current problems.
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