Peshmerga and the crowd agree on this point about the events KHURMATO


Khandan – Peshmerga continue meeting the popular crowd and in the district of Douz KHURMATO with the participation of high-level officials from both sides, as I learned, “Khandan” that the two sides have reached so far, an agreement on one of the points.

A senior source in the popular crowd now participate in the meeting for “Khandan”, the two sides reached an agreement to the presence of senior military officials from both sides in the judiciary continuously, in order to reduce tensions and cut the road in front of the fighting erupted again.

According to information, “Khandan”, Abu Mahdi Mohandes, Assistant Hadi al-Amiri chose to be in KHURMATO, but so far no information about the leader of the delegation, who nominate him Peshmerga forces to be present in court.

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