IMF expects economic growth in Iraq, rising to 2.9% for 2016


International Monetary Fund forecast, Wednesday, rising economic growth in Iraq, to 2.9% during the current year 2016, indicating that the costs of the war led to high inflation and deteriorating financial centers.
The IMF said in a report that “it is expected the overall rate of growth in oil-exporting countries in the region, rising to 2.9% in 2016 and this increases to up to 3.1% in 2017 compared to 1.9% in the past year as a result of the economic activity is oil in Iraq Yemen, Iran and Libya. “
The report continued, “Despite the growth of Iraq, it will increase the deficit has as a result of a lack of oil revenues, which will reduce the government’s ability to spend,” indicating that “the deficit will reach to about 4.75% and will reach 7.75% by the end of this year.”
The report added that “the costs of the war in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen are still high and have caused violence in the scarcity of food and other necessities and caused damage to infrastructure and institutions and increased inflation and weakened the savings and deteriorated financial centers of these countries.”
The drop in oil prices to low levels, which amounted to less than $ 40 significantly affected the general budget that Iraq because Iraq’s adoption of 95% in revenue on the export of crude oil.
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The start of the Economic Forum for the Middle East Foundation for Research / Mary / with the participation of Iraqi private banks association


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Launched in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq on Wednesday, the Economic Forum for the Middle East Foundation for Research / Mary / to discuss the current financial and economic crisis in Iraq in general, and the region in particular, and ways out of it.
The forum, which will discuss the participation of local economic and financial bodies and foreign sober, including the Iraqi private banks association represented by its president and Wadih Handal, ways to ensure Alastaqraralaguetsada under the reform measures the public and private sectors and strategies aimed at overcoming the current problems.
And Turkzseaot which received during the forum sessions over three days on Mhaoraadh, most notably, how the oil revenue management and Algazausadh law, anti-corruption, and increase the competitiveness of local companies, and means of strengthening the financial sector, and address the effects of geopolitical the process of economic reform.
He met on the sidelines of the opening session of the forum head of the Iraqi private banks association Wadih Handal, with the Governor of Erbil Nawzad Hadi, and discussed with him the obstacles and problems facing the banking and financial sectors, and ways to find stable solutions specific to her, it was agreed between the two sides to hold a second meeting during the next two days, to continue Search this important issue.
Comes the Economic Forum in Arbil, at the time Amrfait Iraq including Kurdistan province, a financial crisis and economic Sharp, which calls for moving away from the approach rentier states and redraw the restructuring of the economic system, and the study of successful experiences on a global scale in this area, and make use of them to the farthest limits.
Acharaly that the Middle East Research / Mary / Foundation is a specialized independent research to find economic solutions to the crises in the Middle East. She holds on an assessment of a US foundation.
 This institution and on the status of bases that guarantee Alastaqraralaguetsada under the reform measures necessary in the public and private sectors, and to benefit from external expertise in this area, and to develop strategies to overcome the current problems.
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Kurdistan Alliance plans to send the names of ministerial candidates to Abadi

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 11:39:51

Observer news / Baghdad
He confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance MP Najiba Najib, Wednesday, that the Kurds minister is nominated by the Kurdistan Alliance and Abadi choose who wants his choice.
Najib said, “The Kurdistan Alliance will send the names of a group of technocrats Kurds choose them to represent the component in the new government cabin.”
Najib added, “The Kurdistan Alliance has 20% of the cabin and there are 17 ministries has not been voted on.”
Najib stressed on that “Abadi will provide the rest of the government cabin on Saturday for the vote by the House of Representatives.”
Najib stressed that “the Kurds minister is nominated by the Kurdish alliance to al-Abadi, a group selected from the names we’ll send him.”

Consultant Jubouri: Representatives of the protesters turned to gain the opposition to parliament


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[Where – Baghdad]
count , media adviser to House Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, the protesters turned to the opposition MPs “big gain legislative process” in parliament.
He said Ahmed Mahjoub said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of which was that ” therecent meeting of the Council considered all the practices witnessed by the House of Representatives during last week ‘s false, indicating that the victim recourse to the Federal Court.
He stressed that everyone will respect the court ‘s decisions and stick out noting that “the House ofRepresentatives will continue to work to approve the government changes and the agenda usual business, calling at the same time” the decision objecting to go to the parliamentary opposition “as an important decision will reflect positively on the entire legislative process.”
it was one of the protesters House announced Wednesday for the end of the sit -in of Representatives to form an opposition bloc in parliament.
he said Abdul Rahim al – Shammari told all of Iraq [where] that ” the protesters deputies have completed their sit -in they are in the process of the formation of the opposition bloc in the parliament, as well as filing acomplaint to the Federal Court no legal existence parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri and the presidency on the head of the legislature. ”


Macgork meeting of the Alliance in Kuwait: Daash dropped dramatically and we can not return back



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the US special envoy for President in the international coalition Brett Makgrok confirmed decline organize Daash in Iraq and Syria “significantly.”
He pointed Makgrok in his fourth meeting of senior political directors of the international coalition countries today held in the State of Kuwait, to the “attention to the great momentum of this coalition , ” noting that “all the indicators related to the expansion of influence and funding , and the flow of foreign fighters on thecountries of the dispute terrorist groups fell dramatically.”
He stressed ” the importance of awareness centers , whether in Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates in response to the thought of such extremist organizations as well as the role of e – campaigns to stop communication between individuals Daash operations through networking sites.”
He said that “such meetings” at such a crucial time to assess the work of the international coalition enhance the pressure on al Daash “stressing that” we can not turn back or ease the pressure on this terrorist organization. ”
For his part , new Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled Al – Jarallah emphasis on the position of the State ofKuwait” clear and resolute “in supporting the international coalition against al Daash.
confirmed the official Kuwait in a speech opening the meeting that ” the State of Kuwait supports theinternational community in supporting stability in all areas liberated from the control of terrorist organizations and the drying up funding and repel cyber – attacks and the fight against the flow of foreign fighters into areas of conflict.
He stressed that” this increases the risk of these criminal phenomenon and invites us to double collective efforts to confront and prove the importance and necessity of these meetings , “noting that” today ‘s meeting comes to follow up on the findings of positive results through the efforts of the international coalition countries. ”
He added Al – Jarallah” We as members of the international community , we have a historic responsibility to maintain the security and the stability of the world which was confirmed by the UN security Council resolution [2253] which demanded suppress and prevent the financing of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. ”
He pointed to the importance of the international community through pop it aggregates the implementation ofplans drawn through constant which yielded tangible results on the practice and draw their meetings systematic plan keep pace with technological developments and changes to repel terrorist attacks in all its forms.
He pointed out that ” the international community , which appalled terrorism peoples and undermined thesecurity and stability of the state is closely following the ongoing and efforts to combat terrorism, including our meeting today , which is the starting point for taking all necessary steps to rid it of the ideas of terrorist groups destructive and criminal activities. ”
He stressed that” all the monotheistic religions, including Islamic religion calls for love, tolerance and peace and rejection of violence and extremism confirms the risk of linking with any religion, race or a particular group of terrorist groups. ”

Deputy: Presidency of the parliament is keen to proceed with reform and tomorrow supplemented ministerial cabin


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} MP confirmed the alliance forces Hamadoun pros, the keenness of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to push reform through its insistence on holding parliamentary sessions.
She said Hamadoun told {Euphrates News} that “the Presidency of the Council ofRepresentatives is eager to proceed with reform through held meetings of theparliament , ” adding that “tomorrow ‘s meeting will be to complete the ministerial cabin, and if offered other topics will be discussed.”
She added that “change of ministries is not a fundamental reform but it is a part of the reform , “noting that” the deputies objected yesterday told the Prime Minister that the citizen needs to further reforms , “pointing out that” Abadi said that this seed ofsmall to push for reform and we will continue to do. ”
She Hamadoun” We’ll see the health of the words of Prime Minister after switching minister. ”
the voice of the House of Representatives in its regular Tuesday, led by Salim al -Jubouri , head of the Council, and attended by 183 MPs on the decision not toconstitutional and legal actions taken in the absence of legal majority, in addition to the approval of the five new ministers technocrats within the cabinet reshuffle by hosting Haider Abadi the Prime Minister.
and raised the presidency of the Council of Representatives, on Tuesday, themeeting until tomorrow Alkhamis.anthy

Deputy Speaker of Parliament: what happened in Tuesday’s session, hurt the interests of the Iraqi people



Hamoudi said the deputy speaker of parliament, what happened in the meeting Tuesday that he hurt the interests of the Iraqi people.

Hammoudi said in a press statement that the day of Thursday’s session will be dedicated to a vote on the rest of the cabin with the dialogues with the political blocs on some candidate to take over the ministries.

And enable Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi during the session yesterday to achieve a partial cabinet reshuffle included six ministers over the vote on the dismissal of former minister and then put the names of the new ministers and vote them.

Where were renamed the Ministry of Health of Alaa Mubarak and water resources to Hassan al-Janabi and the Ministry of Labour to meet James Baldwin and Higher Education Abdul-Razzaq al-Issa in addition to electricity Ala Disher and culture to Akil Mahdi, that temporarily holds the post of Minister of Youth proxy also