Kurdistan Alliance plans to send the names of ministerial candidates to Abadi

Wed, 27 Apr 2016 11:39:51

Observer news / Baghdad
He confirmed the Kurdistan Alliance MP Najiba Najib, Wednesday, that the Kurds minister is nominated by the Kurdistan Alliance and Abadi choose who wants his choice.
Najib said, “The Kurdistan Alliance will send the names of a group of technocrats Kurds choose them to represent the component in the new government cabin.”
Najib added, “The Kurdistan Alliance has 20% of the cabin and there are 17 ministries has not been voted on.”
Najib stressed on that “Abadi will provide the rest of the government cabin on Saturday for the vote by the House of Representatives.”
Najib stressed that “the Kurds minister is nominated by the Kurdish alliance to al-Abadi, a group selected from the names we’ll send him.”


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