Rasheed Bank: We completed 98% of the banks restructuring



Rasheed Bank: We completed 98% of the banks restructuring


BAGHDAD / Karim Jassim al-Tai / .. Rasheed Bank director general of the Ministry of Finance Mohamed Abdel Wahab revealed the completion of 98% of the banks restructuring Stressing that this process Stnmah powers and greater flexibility to the work of banks in Iraq.
Said Abdul Wahab, in a statement singled out by the agency / KD / economic: that all banks in Iraq are included structuring Indicating that the bank completed 98% of the re-structure was approved by the Board of Directors and sent his family and the Ministry of Finance.
He said Abdul Wahab said the bank waiting for the approval and ratification by the House of Representatives on the current Banking Act for the purpose of approving restructuring of the Rasheed Bank and other banks Alaovernmah.
He noted that the law presented to the members of the House of Representatives and has read the first reading, and there is a second reading of the law restructuring the banks Aovernmah.mnoha that this law regaining financial and legal follow-up Committee in the House of Representatives.
He pointed Abdul Wahab that the adoption of this law will be given the powers and flexibility and movement of a larger work of banks in Iraq, according to the new law Stressing that the bank will begin to open new branches if the passage of the new law to be added to its branches throughout Iraq and the (151) branch. / End / 22 /


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