Kurdish lawmaker: All Kurdish blocs will attend tomorrow’s meeting

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said the Kurdistan Alliance MP Amin Bakr, said on Monday that all Kurdish blocs to attend a parliament session on Tuesday.
He said Bakr told {Euphrates News} Today, that ” the Kurdish blocs with the unified session involving all parties, and this leads to the marginalization of part of the House and not to listen to their demands and to impose the will.” “We can get to the solutions through negotiations and convince others through legal and constitutional ways, and therefore we would like everyone to attend to tomorrow ‘s meeting Tuesday to finalize the problems. ” decided the presidency of the House of Representatives today held a comprehensive meeting on Tuesday 26/4/2016 one pm, to discuss the government ‘s reform and readiness of the House of Representatives to host Prime Minister to show his booth Wazzarah.anthy 1 


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