Jubouri threatens Representatives of the protesters to resort to the streets to end the parliament crisis



Since 24/04/2016 17:52 pm (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

So that the withdrawal of Sadr’s bloc of deputies sit until Saleem al-Jubouri returned breathes a sigh of relief and took threatens Representatives of the protesters after they realized that his dismissal is become impossible as a result of external support and domestic support he received from the Sadr and Hakim.

According to official sources L / balance News / The “Saleem al-Jubouri met with deputies of the protesters in the House of Representatives, this afternoon, and assured them during the meeting that ordered his dismissal is possible after that threatened the Iraqi street,” indicating that “the protesters deputies responded to the al-Jubouri said, we can enter thousands the masses to parliament to respond to you. ”

The sources added that “Saleem al-Jubouri Contact leader Moqtada al-Sadr Imam of the House of Representatives of the protesters and that al-Sadr had told him support during Tuesday’s session,” while the sources pointed out that “a meeting Jubouri MPs protesters did not yield any agreement after it threatened Jubouri resort to force and the public and receiving support from al-Sadr as well for external support. ”

The cleric Moqtada al-Sadr’s request, last Thursday, deputies from the Liberal bloc to withdraw from parliament sit.

Jubouri Office announced last week for a meeting, Salim al Bssadora America and Britain to Iraq, following a parliamentary crisis arising from the dismissal of al-Jubouri.

He said Saleem al-Jubouri is to vote on his dismissal was unconstitutional and lacks legal frameworks.

And select Jubouri Tuesday’s session to vote on the ministerial cabin in the event of the Prime Minister Haider Alebadi.anthy he attended the 29/33 h






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