Iraq signed a memorandum of strategic framework with the General Electric Company


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[Wayne – Baghdad]
signed the Oil Ministry with the General Electric Company [GE] US memorandum of strategic part of a long -term cooperation includes the implementation of a number of projects for the benefit of the oil ministry, including cooperation in the field of reducing the extracted gas flaring from oil fields for use in electric power generation, to Besides providing more than 400 MW power as energy oil installations before next summer.
He said Undersecretary older Fayyad good grace in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of ” The signing of the memorandum came after negotiations that lasted for two consecutive years was a success and to achieve the interests of both sides, which aims to develop a strategic program to reduce gas flaring and investment in the industry and energy operations and put the necessary plans to create the first observation and diagnosis center in the country to enable rapid maintenance of pre – emptive operations and save time. ”
He added, during the signing ceremony, held today at the headquarters of the oil Ministry, said that” thecontract also includes improving the operational efficiency and performance of oil and gas facilities of the Ministry of oil so as to contribute in pushing sustainable growth of the country ‘s wheel. ”
for his part, Undersecretary for gas Hamid Younis that” the signing of the memorandum was the result ofefforts by oil projects and companies Basra and gas refineries , the South and the South oil Company, which will provide a memorandum relationship with the US company to secure the qualification necessary for theproduction of oil equipment operations and escalate potential export of crude oil, the company also provides spare parts for equipment used in the production and export of crude oil within a record timeframe. ”
turn confirmed the Director General of oil projects Company Nihad Ahmed Moussa said” the signing of thememorandum with the US company was the result of a long effort by the ministry to develop programs and it plans to support oil and gas installations up to 800 units as well as direct communication to support theproduction units and field to prevent access junctions affect the pace of work as well as the safe operation of the provision of the units production in Iraq. ”
for his part , praised the representative of the General Electric company in Iraq , the cooperation of the Ministry of oil in completing this agreement, stressing the commitment of his company in the implementation of its provisions and to achieve the interests of both sides to develop Iraqi cadres through the implementation of training and training programs as well as provide backup equipment for all the oil ministry institutions.
“the note provides the latest technologies and solutions needed to update facilities ministry would contribute to enhancing the efficiency oil and energy sector in Iraq. ”
to that , the ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said the ” memorandum will draw new plans in support of oil and gas production operations in Iraq, and it is a framework agreement, the first of its kind in the ministry, inorder to enhance the performance of the oil and energy sector “.
” the memorandum will provide more than 400 MW power as energy extra before next summer , where hewill provide this energy continuity of operation of oil and gas facilities without interruption, as well as to keep abreast of developments in performance and the adoption of modern technology through the use of modern equipment and services in the optimal investment of the oil wealth operations and gas. ”


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