A spokesman for the protesters of Representatives: No agreement with al-Jubouri and Monday for another meeting

Political Since 24/04/2016 21:14 pm (Baghdad time)


Baghdad balances News 

confirmed sitters Representatives, Sunday, he did not reach an agreement with the head of the House of Representatives article Salim al – Jubouri , during the meeting , which was held Sunday afternoon, and he will be the resumption of talks between the two sides on Monday. 

A spokesman for the House of Representatives Almatchin Haitham al – Jubouri , he was “not today reaching any agreement during the meeting of the delegation of the House of Representatives of the protesters with Mr. Salim al – Jubouri , the former House speaker , “noting that” speech during the meeting was in public spammers and that it was agreed to resume the talks session between the two parties on Monday afternoon , God willing , to complete the discussions. ” 

he denied Jubouri to have the House of Representatives of the protesters had caused to disrupt parliament, asking , “Why are wasted months between three to six months to form a Overnmhvi all Dora the election because of the negotiations break down political and sectarian Mahssh, was it not so disruptive.” 

He pointed out that “Answer the Federal Court to a query the House of Representatives download a clear answer that affected by the Council ‘s decisions go to appeal a commitment to the resolution of legal right to take the content of the inquiry. ” 

for his part , MP Mutasim Ahmed Kanani member of a coalition of state law that said a negotiating team for the protesters met with Prime Dr. Salim al – Jubouri , and discussed with him the solution – free crisis and he would convey what happened at the meeting of the deputies of the protesters and will meet in the parliament Hall at half past eight o’clock this evening. 

and revealed Kanani in a press statement that ” the negotiating team included Haitham al – Jubouri and Hanan al Mohammed Chihod and Badr stallion and good Chuird and just Nuri Representatives.” 

and about what happened in the meeting , which lasted from three o’clock until four o’clock this afternoon , and there were signs of resolving the crisis , said Kanani that ” the House of Representatives of the protesters had not seen the full course of the meeting and will meet in the chamber this evening all to hear of the negotiating team on the course of their meeting with Saleem al – Jubouri.” 

he said Kanani that “whatever the results of the meeting , there is no retreat from our demand that President Atsamna for the elimination of the quota system and the way of that requirement in the sacking of the three presidencies , which is irrevocable once. ” 


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