Urgent Jubouri Meets Representatives of the protesters at the parliament building



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[Oan- Baghdad]
One of the protesters deputies that parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri said he met on Saturday, protesters in the House of Representatives building.
The MP said Mishan Jubouri at his page on the social networking site [Facebook] ” a little while ago and without an appointment or warning income we Jubouri and we are in the cafeteria of the parliament and asked to sit with us and while away with him invited me to sit where he sat with colleagues and I sat without Ishake and I told you THREATENED ME murder and wait for results investigation announced conducted. ”
He said the Attorney – Jubouri said the House of Representatives of the protesters told the President of theparliament , ” with one voice, we are not authorized to speak with him , but in the presence of all theprotestors of Representatives and then left. ”


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