Qubad Talabani: We support all the changes in Iraq and stand on the fence in front of conglomerates


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[Where – Baghdad]
said Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region Qubad Talabani , support all the changes in Iraq and stand on the fence in front of conglomerates.
He said Talabani , in Kirkuk , told a news conference , “which was held in the province on Saturday,” We areneutral in front of all blocs and polarization , which was formed today in Iraq, and support all the changes in Iraq , which is making toward real reforms , but on the condition. ”
Between We will not be party to all blocs and polarizations , which was formed today in Iraq, and we aretrying to do our duty to mediation and to maintain a balance, because our culture and our geography and our history requires us to extend a hand of friendship to all the components of the political forces , without distinction. ”
he added , ” before we have to be a political component list of parliamentary in Baghdad, we the people and the nation Her sacrifice and date, so we can not behind the temporary interests of the pursuit, and friendship with all the political forces of nationalism and religious components and sectarian strategy for us is the basis of our work, and we are not ready to give up at any time and for any interest. ”
He said Deputy Prime Minister the Kurdistan region, “we are also in the region began in the private reforms in the financial field and we confess our mistakes and our shortcomings, we support all the changes in Iraq ,which is making toward real reforms that guarantee the good and happiness of the Iraqis, provided that Louis does not include the other arm and hurting him and to be guaranteed and the scientific process . ”
Qubad Talabani In another context , he said,” proclaim that the efforts of the force and the arms of our children with the help of our friends and allies , we are continuing on the path of the Kurdistan Liberation of risk Daash “, adding that” US assistance provides an opportunity to draw more we look into the conditions ofour employees. “



Urgent .alsid Sadr calls for demonstration Magdy Rady next Monday to demand the convening of the parliament session



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{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, his followers to go out Mleonh mass demonstration on Monday to demand the convening of the parliament session and vote on the ministerial cabin ..itba ..

Weights to hold the parliament session next Tuesday, headed by al-Jubouri

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News suggested parliamentary sources, the House of Representatives held a hearing on Tuesday.

A source told {Euphrates News} that “it is likely to hold the House of Representatives Tuesday next comprehensive session chaired by Salim al – Jubouri.” 

The Jubouri announced today that “Parliament will be ready to receive the cabinet reshuffle this week at the first resumption of work sessions after the parliamentary crisis that took place in last week, which we still look at them it is absorbed by the practice of democracy and the case accepted by the methodology of opinion and the other opinion “.anthy