Urgent Jubouri Meets Representatives of the protesters at the parliament building



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[Oan- Baghdad]
One of the protesters deputies that parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri said he met on Saturday, protesters in the House of Representatives building.
The MP said Mishan Jubouri at his page on the social networking site [Facebook] ” a little while ago and without an appointment or warning income we Jubouri and we are in the cafeteria of the parliament and asked to sit with us and while away with him invited me to sit where he sat with colleagues and I sat without Ishake and I told you THREATENED ME murder and wait for results investigation announced conducted. ”
He said the Attorney – Jubouri said the House of Representatives of the protesters told the President of theparliament , ” with one voice, we are not authorized to speak with him , but in the presence of all theprotestors of Representatives and then left. ”

Allawi is leading a delegation to visit Najaf



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BAGHDAD – balances News

Terrace, leader of the National Coalition special delegation from the bloc and the National Accord Movement to visit the holy city of Najaf, where the delegation met a number of political figures and clerics in the province and stressed the importance of maintaining national unity and integrity of the country and out of the suffocating crises that passes.

Allawi’s office said in a statement received / balances News / copy of “The President of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, the head of a delegation of members of the coalition and the National Accord Movement, visited the holy city of Najaf and met with a number of political events and the clergy.”

The statement added that it “had taken place during the meetings talk seriously linked to inter national conditions and political movement,” adding that “it was emphasized in the importance of maintaining national unity and integrity of the country and stability in and out of the suffocating crises experienced by Iraq through the rallying efforts to fight terrorism and corruption and achieve reconciliation national “.

Allawi stressed “the need to seize the historic opportunity through which Iraq and investing public the positive atmosphere to end the quota system abominable political and partisan, regional and sectarian marginalization, and pay attention to building a state of civil institutions and based on equality, justice and respect for the law values.” Ended 29/42 g


Barzani and the Chief of Staff of the US military discuss the process of liberalization of Mosul


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[Where – Baghdad]
Search President of Kurdistan , Massoud Barzani , the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff , General Joseph Dunford edit Mosul from terrorists Daash process.
A statement by the presidency of the province that “Barzani met with Chief of Staff of the US Army Joseph Dunford, and his accompanying delegation, on Friday evening, in the city of Erbil, and discussed with him theways of war on Daash gangs” terrorist, and other issues.
He added that the two sides “discussed during the meeting, ways war on Daash terrorist, and the process ofliberalization of Mosul, and political developments in Iraq, and US support for the Peshmerga forces and theIraqi army.
He Barzani , according to the statement thanked US President Barack Obama, the government and thepeople of America, on the aid they gave to the Peshmerga forces, and for the region.
He pointed Barzani and US official to He, “believes in the necessity of reaching an agreement between theparties concerned in the province of Nineveh, before the start of liberalization to maintain the process of Daash, so for the rights of ethnic and religious elements of the guarantee, and to prevent a repeat of thedisaster suffered by the Christians, Yazidis and other minorities.”
He explained that “Dunford confirmed to continue his country ‘s support for the Peshmerga forces in the war against Daash, and in the liberation of Mosul process from the grip Daash. ”
arrived chairman of the US joint forces staff, Joseph Dunford, on Friday, to the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region.
the Dunford arrived last Thursday to the capital Baghdad after days of a similar visit to US defense Secretary Ashton Carter.
the search , US General with Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, the chief of army Staff Lt. Gen. Othman al -Ghanemi joint efforts in the war on Daash and supporting Iraqi forces.


Mr. al-Sadr to convene Parliament public hearing {and} terrifying obstructionists her extended demonstration Magdy Rady {}


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, to make the parliamentary session scheduled for next Monday and terrifying {public} obstructionists her demonstration Magdy Rady.
This came in answering the referendum gave him from one of his followers about thepossibility of a parliament session next Monday , and the intention of the citizens to come out a demonstration Jashidh to demand the convening of the meeting and vote on the government of independent technocrats, saying “vigil popular protest current historic stand lifted the head of Iraq aloft made Iraq par with the demands for reform states thank both demonstrated and staged a sit – Lama after, there are political parties do not want the parliament on the one hand and does not want to deliver thenumber of votes to the number required to get to the reforms required popularly. ”
He continued , ” so Hpetkm and Tzahrkm on Monday staged a demonstration Magdy Rady Strabhm and make them compelled to hold parliament and vote with full transparency and freedom to teach people to vote and refrain from during the public meeting Vtzaheroa as Ahdnakm and Ataatoanwa and converts among you work or excuse homeland is more important than all other interests. ”
He said the demonstrators importance referred to the special committees, both the brothers in the Islamic current or civil or all shades of the people, saying “Vhbwa gift one people, women and men, young and children in order to no longer be their excuse and then Agier God , what a people because they wanted change and reform.”
unlikely that the House will hold a comprehensive meeting chaired by Salim al -Jubouri , during the current week.
The Jubouri announced announced today that “parliament will be ready to receive the cabinet reshuffle this week at the first resumption of work sessions after theparliamentary crisis that occurred in the last week and that we still look at them it isabsorbed by the practice of democracy and the case accepted by the methodology of opinion and the other opinion” .anthy

Qubad Talabani: We support all the changes in Iraq and stand on the fence in front of conglomerates


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[Where – Baghdad]
said Deputy Prime Minister of the Kurdistan region Qubad Talabani , support all the changes in Iraq and stand on the fence in front of conglomerates.
He said Talabani , in Kirkuk , told a news conference , “which was held in the province on Saturday,” We areneutral in front of all blocs and polarization , which was formed today in Iraq, and support all the changes in Iraq , which is making toward real reforms , but on the condition. ”
Between We will not be party to all blocs and polarizations , which was formed today in Iraq, and we aretrying to do our duty to mediation and to maintain a balance, because our culture and our geography and our history requires us to extend a hand of friendship to all the components of the political forces , without distinction. ”
he added , ” before we have to be a political component list of parliamentary in Baghdad, we the people and the nation Her sacrifice and date, so we can not behind the temporary interests of the pursuit, and friendship with all the political forces of nationalism and religious components and sectarian strategy for us is the basis of our work, and we are not ready to give up at any time and for any interest. ”
He said Deputy Prime Minister the Kurdistan region, “we are also in the region began in the private reforms in the financial field and we confess our mistakes and our shortcomings, we support all the changes in Iraq ,which is making toward real reforms that guarantee the good and happiness of the Iraqis, provided that Louis does not include the other arm and hurting him and to be guaranteed and the scientific process . ”
Qubad Talabani In another context , he said,” proclaim that the efforts of the force and the arms of our children with the help of our friends and allies , we are continuing on the path of the Kurdistan Liberation of risk Daash “, adding that” US assistance provides an opportunity to draw more we look into the conditions ofour employees. “


Urgent .alsid Sadr calls for demonstration Magdy Rady next Monday to demand the convening of the parliament session



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{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, his followers to go out Mleonh mass demonstration on Monday to demand the convening of the parliament session and vote on the ministerial cabin ..itba ..

Weights to hold the parliament session next Tuesday, headed by al-Jubouri

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News suggested parliamentary sources, the House of Representatives held a hearing on Tuesday.

A source told {Euphrates News} that “it is likely to hold the House of Representatives Tuesday next comprehensive session chaired by Salim al – Jubouri.” 

The Jubouri announced today that “Parliament will be ready to receive the cabinet reshuffle this week at the first resumption of work sessions after the parliamentary crisis that took place in last week, which we still look at them it is absorbed by the practice of democracy and the case accepted by the methodology of opinion and the other opinion “.anthy