OPEC’s price settle at $ 40.11 a barrel


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{International: Euphrates News} The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries {OPEC} that the price of its basket of crudes 13 rose 1.65 dollars to settle at $ 40.11 a barrel.
The bulletin {OPEC} on her official website on Saturday that ” the annual rate for thebasket price last year was 49.64 dollars a barrel and settled the day at $ 40.11 a barrel.”
Comprises a basket {OPEC} , which is a reference in the level of production 13 policy of some sort are ores .. Iranian heavy and the deserts of Algeria and Basra , the Iraqi and Kuwaiti export and Libyan Seder and Bonnie Nigerian maritime Qatari light and Arab Saudi and Murban UAE and raw Venezuelan Girassol Angolan and Orient Ecuadorean Minas Indonesia.
the oil ministers {OPEC} had recommended at the conclusion of the ministerial meeting in Vienna in the fourth month of December last , member states need tofollow developments in the oil market carefully in the coming months while retaining the current production ceiling of the member states of the organization selected thirty million barrels Aumia.anthy



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