Mr. al-Sadr to convene Parliament public hearing {and} terrifying obstructionists her extended demonstration Magdy Rady {}


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News called the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, to make the parliamentary session scheduled for next Monday and terrifying {public} obstructionists her demonstration Magdy Rady.
This came in answering the referendum gave him from one of his followers about thepossibility of a parliament session next Monday , and the intention of the citizens to come out a demonstration Jashidh to demand the convening of the meeting and vote on the government of independent technocrats, saying “vigil popular protest current historic stand lifted the head of Iraq aloft made Iraq par with the demands for reform states thank both demonstrated and staged a sit – Lama after, there are political parties do not want the parliament on the one hand and does not want to deliver thenumber of votes to the number required to get to the reforms required popularly. ”
He continued , ” so Hpetkm and Tzahrkm on Monday staged a demonstration Magdy Rady Strabhm and make them compelled to hold parliament and vote with full transparency and freedom to teach people to vote and refrain from during the public meeting Vtzaheroa as Ahdnakm and Ataatoanwa and converts among you work or excuse homeland is more important than all other interests. ”
He said the demonstrators importance referred to the special committees, both the brothers in the Islamic current or civil or all shades of the people, saying “Vhbwa gift one people, women and men, young and children in order to no longer be their excuse and then Agier God , what a people because they wanted change and reform.”
unlikely that the House will hold a comprehensive meeting chaired by Salim al -Jubouri , during the current week.
The Jubouri announced announced today that “parliament will be ready to receive the cabinet reshuffle this week at the first resumption of work sessions after theparliamentary crisis that occurred in the last week and that we still look at them it isabsorbed by the practice of democracy and the case accepted by the methodology of opinion and the other opinion” .anthy


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