Kurdistan: Kurds to attend the next session of Parliament is subject to chair a session of the al-Jubouri

Political Since 23/04/2016 20:16 pm (Baghdad time)


Special – balances News

MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Arafat Karam, Saturday, that the Kurds share a hearing related to the upcoming House of Representatives Salim al-chair of the session.

Said Karam’s / balances News /, “The Kurds will attend the next session of parliament if the meeting announced by Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri,” stressing at the same time that “the rest of the sessions illegitimate and do not share it.”

He said the Kurdistan Alliance MP, he was “declaring al-Jubouri, the hearing will take part and everyone is discussing any topic arises, even if a change of the three presidencies,” stressing that “holding more than one session of Parliament difficult reform process.” It ended 29



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