Kerry: The United States is not opposed to dealing with Iranian banks and companies


BAGHDAD – observer news

Assured US Secretary of State, John Kerry, that his country is not opposed to dealing with Iranian banks and companies that do not have imposed sanctions on them, but that had previously been imposed due to Tehran’s nuclear program.

This came during a press briefing ahead of his meeting Iranian counterpart, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in New York, on the sidelines of the Paris Convention for the climate, on Friday, where they discussed about the possibility of activating the nuclear agreement between Tehran and major powers agreed in July 2014.

Kerry said the United States does not oppose the establishment of trade relations with Tehran after the lifting of sanctions imposed on it because of its nuclear program.

He added, “we raised the sanctions imposed on Iran, as promised, and now there are new opportunities for foreign banks to establish business relations with Tehran, does not oppose the conclusion of agreements with Iranian banks and companies, is subject to penalties other than those that were imposed because of its nuclear program.”

US minister pointed out that it could banks and foreign companies, Consulting and the Treasury Department in his country before entering into any agreement with Iran, in order to more reassuring.

For his part, Zarif said his country has full obligations to the agreement between them and the major powers on the nuclear file, expressing the hope that the Iranian people will be able to obtain the rights arising from the Convention, following the United States steps required.

In January / December last second, the European Union and the United States announced the lifting of economic sanctions related to Iran’s nuclear program, after the International Atomic Energy Agency statement that Iran has complied with the required obligations to be commensurate with the nuclear agreement, which was reached in July 14 last.


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