Decision of the House of Representatives: a parliament session Monday Awalthelathae next week


Khandan -ali Naji

He favored the Iraqi parliament rapporteur Imad Youkhana, a parliament session on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

The MP said Imad Youkhana in a statement to “Khandan” “The House of Representatives held its session on Monday or Tuesday,” adding, “We hope the presence of all the House of Representatives and the exercise of the Council’s work as it was before.”

He said the decision to the House of Representatives, “the existence of a truce with the protesters of Representatives, and can be put Maitalpon done according to the Constitution and the law.”

And MP Imad Youkhana that “it is wrong to give the image of the Iraqi street that the House of Representatives Oppressed Foundation, because the citizen asked parliament to resolve the problems,” noting that “The Council is the legislative body that initiate laws that serve the welfare of the country and the citizens.”

He announced Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, two days ago, and the suspension of the Iraqi Council of Representatives sessions until further notice.


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