Jubouri consultant: More than two-thirds of the members of Parliament reject his dismissal


Deputies from the Iraqi parliament

Deputies fromtheIraqi parliament

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri continue his talks with the leaders of parliamentary blocs to resolve the current political crisis, according to a consultant Speaker of Parliament for reconciliation and unity Jumaili.

She Jumaili “Radio Sawa” It comes within the framework of meetings held by President Fuad Masum, with all the political blocs, on the grounds that “Iraq today is witnessing a state of white coup”, as she put it:

Jumaili added that al-Jubouri discussed with the President of the Republic this week the importance of holding a comprehensive unified meeting of the House of Representatives.

She explained that the focus of a meeting with the president of the republic Jubouri Bloc coalition Iraqi forces on a comprehensive discussion session of parliament.

Jumaili and stressed the need for official and political parties cooperate with the international community to end the current crisis, which has said it disrupted the work of the Ministries of State:



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