Parliament tomorrow hold a hearing chaired by Adnan al-Janabi two p.m. pm


Mon, 18 Apr 2016 21:50:37

Observer news / Baghdad
Mutassim MP Ali al-Badri, Monday, revealed that the planned meeting held today under the chairmanship of an older MP Adnan al-Janabi, was postponed until tomorrow in order to negotiate with the House of Representatives to hold a comprehensive hearing.
Al-Badri, said that “today’s meeting was postponed to Tuesday after protesters form committees to negotiate with the House of Representatives singly and not within certain blocks in order to hold a comprehensive meeting and election of the new presidency of the parliament.”
He added, “The protesters do not negotiate with the blocks because they came out of the framework of the Presidency of the parties and blocs, but with deputies represent the people in order to mainstream phenomenon on all state institutions and out of the sectarian and partisan quotas and Ketloah and factionalism.”
The MP Almatsamh emotions grace has revealed that the number of attendees of the deputies was 163 deputies, while stressing that the deputies did not hold the meeting because of a number of negotiating blocs.

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