House sitters refuse map Presidency


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[Oan- Baghdad]
refused sitters House of Representatives, the road that provided them with the presidency of Parliament toresolve the crisis map.
Hussein al – Maliki ‘s National Alliance MP and one of the protesters deputies told all of Iraq [where] “we reject this initiative, and we emphasized the presidential delegation that does not return to the presidency ofthe House of Representatives, and emphasized the presence in vice.”
He stressed Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu Parliament rapporteur and a House of Representatives of theprotesters refused map presidency Republic.
a delegation from the presidency of the Republic , visited on Monday evening , the House of Representatives of the protesters in the House of Representatives and gave them a road map to resolve the parliamentary crisis.
these included the initiative seven points include the invitation of the President of the Republic [House ofRepresentatives] to hold an extraordinary session to discuss the dismissal of the presidency of the Council ofRepresentatives order, and to hold a hearing comprehensive in the presence of all the blocks in the House ofRepresentatives headed by one of the members of the House of Representatives, sitting members of the Presidium of the House of Representatives among the council members. It
also includes “make way for Salim al [parliament speaker] give a speech to show the face of view what happened and how to overcome the current crisis, and is thrown ordered the sacking of the presidency of theCouncil and those who wish Balacalh according to the rules of procedure apply for site according to the law and is displayed to the vote according to the rules of procedure. ”
She drew the initiative that” In the case of the insistence of the House of Representatives on theimpeachment is the election of the new presidency of the Council, and in the case of non – approval of the impeachment body continues the current presidency in the exercise of its duties according to the rules ofprocedure. ”

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