Jubouri and infallible emphasize the need to accelerate reforms in resolving the file

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the need to accelerate reforms in resolving the file.

A statement by the Office of the al – Jubouri agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Sunday, said that “Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri , received in his office the President Fuad Masum, the presence of a number of leaders of the National Forces Alliance, was discussed during the meeting on developments in the political situation, ways to maintain the gains of democracy, and to support the process of the political process, as the meeting discussed the reform of all aspects of the file. ” the 

two sides stressed the importance of speeding up the resolution of the application of this file, and meet the aspirations of the Iraqi street , so as to enhance security and stability, and preserve the prestige of the state, and avoids the track reformist any reluctance or delay possible . Ended h


Samurai: The legitamite President of Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, will chair the next meeting

17-04-2016 03:42 PM
MP for the Federation of Iraqi forces Abdalgahar Samarrai, the legitimate President of the Parliament Saleem al-Jubouri, noting that he will head the next meeting in its entirety.

Samarrai said that ‘the legitimate president of the House of Representatives is Salim al-Jubouri, noting’ Council will hold its next meeting with all its members, headed by al-Jubouri ‘.
Samarrai said that the House of Representatives of the protesters are also keen on reform, noting that everyone pasts re-formation of a government of technocrats, noting that the replacement of the President of the House of Representatives is not far, but it should be discussed in accordance with the constitutional frameworks’.

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Jubouri receives infallible to discuss the latest political developments


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, received the President Fuad Masum; to discuss the latest political developments.
According to an informed source told the News} {Euphrates on Sunday, said that “the President of the House of Representatives received at his office the president; to discuss the political crisis, the new ministerial cab.” Ended h

Urgent Karbalai receives a delegation of the protesters after the House of Representatives can not be a meeting with religious references


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[Oan- Karbala]
received a representative of supreme religious authority, in Karbala , Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al – Karbalai delegation of the protesters after the House of Representatives can not be a meeting with religious references in Najaf.
According to an informed source told all of Iraq [where] that “Sheikh Karbalai decided to meet with theparliamentary delegation briefly in the Haram al – Husseini Castkabbalh all the dignitaries and guests In thehours normal reception.”
He added that ” The meeting came after the insistence of the delegation visit even without an appointment.”
It was a source familiar he said the representative of the deputies of the protesters delegation has failed in his visit to Najaf to meet with any of the references to religion in the city.
the source told all of Iraq [where] that ” the delegation headed spokesman for the protesters Attorney Haitham al – Jubouri , was unable to meet any of the references to religion during his visit to Najaf today to discuss the political developments and the reasons for their sit -in . ”
the witness parliament since last Tuesday crisis after a sit -in MPs from different political blocs , demanding the dissolution of the three presidencies and a cabinet reshuffle, as voted in the session Akduha last Thursday to dismiss the Speaker Salim al – Jubouri and choose MP for the national coalition Adnan al – Janabi for themanagement of meetings, but Jubouri counting dismissal without constitutional and illegal.


Urgent delegation of the protesters of Representatives fails to meet any of the references toreligion in Najaf


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[Oan- Najaf]
source familiar with the Representative of the deputies of the protesters , said the delegation had failed in his visit to Najaf to meet with any of the references to religion in the city.
The source told all of Iraq [where] that ” the delegation headed spokesman for the protesters Attorney Haitham al – Jubouri , was unable to meet any of the references to religion during his visit to Najaf today to discuss the political developments and the reasons for their sit -in .”
The source pointed out that ” the delegation is trying to meet with religious representatives of reference Supreme in Karbala [Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al – Karbalai], and [Mr. Ahmed net and make an appointment with them to move the point of view of the protesters Representatives reference to “follow …


The resumption of cooperation between Europe and Iran


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Federica Mogherini on behalf of Europe announced from Tehran, the resumption of cooperation with Iran, stressing the commitment to implement the pledges and considering Iran’s missile tests do not violate the nuclear deal.

And he confirmed by the Supreme Commissioner for External Affairs in the European Union, who is visiting Tehran at a news conference with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif that “Iran has cooperated with the European Union in various areas and even in the political dialogue on international issues.”

Mugireny said: “On behalf of the peoples of Europe to assure continuous cooperation with Iran …” we now have a new and different cooperation and we will carry out our commitments and our obligations as Iran is committed to its obligations. ”

And it pledged Mugireny to pursue the removal of obstacles by implementing the nuclear deal, and stressed that we mentioned several times in Brussels that the Iranian missile test did not violate the nuclear deal, noting that the dialogue today was constructive and would continue, and announced that the EU would support Iran’s accession to the world trade and economic, tourist and institutions Organization global.

For his part, Zarif hope to remove the remaining obstacles to the implementation of the nuclear deal, stressing that it “will be the signing of four agreements with the European Union during a visit Mugireny to Tehran,” he said, “we began a new phase in relations between Iran and the European Union hope to have a fruitful cooperation of the two sides.”

The two sides agreed, in accordance with the Joint Statement to facilitate cooperation and the boot to open the representation of the European Union offices in Iran in the future, so being the dispatch call from the European Union team to Tehran.

The two sides stressed the continuation of political consultations annually at the ministerial level, as well as consultations at the highest levels.

With regard to economic cooperation and review economic and financial issues, financial and banking cooperation, the parties stressed the cooperation and participation in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, as well as the search for financial possibilities mechanisms by the European Investment Bank, in addition to cooperation in tourism, industry, construction, textiles, support and protect small business areas the medium and the exchange of labor bodies and cooperation to support the private sector and support participation in markets Alpartyan.anthy 29 / a 43


Finance Minister Looking in Washington, Iraq’s debt and improve credit rating

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

search an Iraqi government delegation headed by Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari , who is visiting the US capital Washington , currently Iraq ‘s debt and improve its credit ratings.

A statement by the Ministry of Finance Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “In the framework of the participation of the Minister of Finance in the spring meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group, he met with the Office of Cleary Kutlb law firm and in charge of following up Iraq ‘s financial and legal issues were reviewed the latest developments related to financial markets the follow – up to the positions of creditor countries of Iraq outside the framework of the Paris Club agreement and how it is processed under the current financial conditions. ” the 

delegation also met” with Dan Zeljko Assistant Director of the total JP Morgan financial and discussed appropriate ways to enter the capital markets and obtain financial support in light of the financial situation current international. ” 

and accept Finance Minister in a meeting with credit rating agencies opportunities to improve the classification Alaiitmana obtained by Iraq during the past year, the first time in the history of Iraq , who gets it on a credit rating from international agencies enjoy a high reputation in international markets.” 

the Minister financial Hoshyar Zebari arrived in Washington DC on Thursday evening at the head of a delegation that included Advisor to the Prime Minister for economic Affairs and experts from the Ministry of Finance and the Central Bank to participate in the spring meetings of the international Monetary Fund and World Bank Group. 

He met with the Iraqi delegation on Friday morning Bchristaan ​​Jooz director of Iraq ‘s office in IMF international experts traveling with him to look at the existing relations of cooperation between Iraq and the Fund that Iraq sought to overcome the financial its crisis and the possibilities available to the Fund to provide financial and technical support him in this area and in particular in the field of the order of Stand -By . the 

delegation also held a series of meetings with officials of the IMF and World Bank to discuss ways to increase support for Iraq in the reconstruction of liberated cities.


Presidency: No meeting of the three presidencies of the day and being infallible individual talks [audio]

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

denied the presidency, news of the meeting on Sunday the decision, the three presidencies, and the leaders of political blocs , the home of President Fuad Masum.

He said the presidency adviser Qahtan al – Jubouri, told all of Iraq [where], ” a meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs today there is no, but there are separate meetings of the President with some politicians, about the political developments.” 

He added that ” the President and being a protector of the Constitution is moving to the politicians in the process resolving the political situation. ” 

The news agency reported that a meeting will be held today the home of the president of the three presidencies with the leaders of political blocs to discuss the parliamentary crisis and the ministerial change. 

He called leader of the Sadrist Movement Moqtada al – Sadr yesterday , ” the three presidencies coordination to hold a parliament session and provide ministerial cabin characterized by independent Baltknuaqrat without looking voices quotas abhorrent taking into account the voice of the people and put it to a vote immediately and within a maximum period [72 hours] while retaining the sit -in inside the kiss of parliament popular attribution is unparalleled through peaceful protests. ” 

as” the prime minister called for giving a specific period of time to correct the path of the rest of the political process Caldrjat private bodies and others that it does not exceed the duration of the 45 days. ” 

the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs signed in a meeting on 11 April current on the document of national reform, and includes several topics, including the progress of the political blocs of candidates for a variety of ministerial to the chairman of the board Ministers and shall have the right to choose names including confirms national partnership to choose who apply the necessary conditions and specifications of efficiency and honesty. 

and determined that the Prime Minister opened the nomination of sites independent bodies and deputy ministers and senior diplomats and special grades without exception and close the appointments acting in all government websites file door selection is based on objective and professional standards away from the political quota system.


Jubouri: There will be a red line for any perception or point of view and we are open to all points of expanded {}

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} saw Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, said on Sunday that without a strong state can not cross the current crisis and to overcome them, and will not be done only when the play state institutions, in turn, entrusted the overall reform, explaining that “the bulk of the dispute line-ministerial new revolve around achieving the desired interest from different points of view or multiple “, adding that” there will be a red line for any perception or a particular point of view and we are open to all destinations. ”

Jubouri said in a speech during the inauguration of the Planning Department Conference of displaced persons and the emergency plan, the agency {Euphrates News received} a copy of it today, “It ‘s worthy of checks in this important phase for the organization to absorb displacement plan and return at the same time and keep track plan administration in parallel with edits continuing in areas where battles revolve Ben our heroine and guerrilla terrorist Daash. ” He called on the international community and international organizations to” support the advisory and training aspects are no less need for all kinds of humanitarian support, and we see that step basis and more importantly on the way to a solution which will not be none of Alajrouat fully them an alternative, it is the elimination of the base reason for the expansion of the phenomenon of displacement, which is the elimination of terrorism, expel Daash from the cities and the occupied territories gangs , “noting that” step basis other is the unification of the priorities of the government and the House of Representatives and all concerned towards the displaced file and agreed that put him within him their priorities. ” he noted that” to maintain the state – building, development and progress of the project represents the foundation stone for us to overcome our crises accumulated. Without a strong state we can not cross this stage and to overcome them , “he said , adding that he” would not be so only when the play state institutions , in turn , entrusted in comprehensive and real reform, which starts from a real diagnosis of the problem is serious and bold steps to resolve through the elimination of quotas and to provide expertise to the leadership of the joints and operational keep it away from politicization and personal conflicts, to be in parallel with the campaign confront corruption in all its forms and manifestations without favor or courtesy to one. ” he continued , ” the political forces has proved it is able to improve its performance in line with the requirements phase , ” noting that “mobility Parliamentary last clear and obvious evidence of this act, which shows that we are able to overcome the situation of tight clusters into a state of political openness,” thanking “all the popular and Iraqi political forces that supported the reform project and sought to make it a success, even those that differed in their views with us, the final picture of the scene reflect the pure intention by everyone to save the country from its crisis, we have to disagree in jurisprudence in determining the shape of the executive step but we certainly agree the need for reform and the importance of pressing him and our need. ” he revealed Jubouri that” the coming days will witness specifically to date the House of Representatives comprehensive session , which includes full members after positive movement over the past two days to crystallize the perception collectivist be the focus of dissolved within the parliament and within a clear, legitimate and constitutional procedures. ” he noted to ” the absence of a red line for any perception or a particular point of view and we are open to all points of view which we agree or disagree with it will be the first of our slate put forward by the completion of the idea of reforms and Masiqdmh prime minister , ” hoping that “Abadi offers new ministerial cabin by the House of Representatives by accepting or reject them, and say , is telling the council that cabin , which made ​​more than once and Dar around unlike many, but we believe that the bulk of the dispute , which was focused around but it is about achieving the desired interest from different points of view or multiple. ” and that” serious work is under way and communicate with committees parliamentary relevant, to investigate and assess the current legislation of displaced persons and the relevant legislation, and adapted to international instruments and conventions ratified by Iraq and within compliance unrealistic to have, and can be written by a parliamentary committee of committees deportees and displaced and Aleghanoanh, financial and human rights, etc., with specialists, experts and civil society organizations, holds the reputation in this aspect. ” he explained , ” it can also prepare a proposed law by the House of Representatives it includes the issuance of an integrated and unified legislation represents a cover appropriate to the concerned authorities displacement file it should include addressing the legal, health and educational problems , “adding that it” has to be for this legislation that includes protection of a complete representation of the right to personal freedom and access to essential services and access to property and access to adequate work and education at all levels “, calling for” a study for legislation to form a board of senior national disaster and relief to the displaced without loading the state additional financial burdens, as can be formed from the transfer of some structures ministries on financial allocations. ” He also called for” the establishment of a special fund of the Supreme board is responsible for the collection of financial disciplines, and contain the body was different disciplines and expertise of legal, financial, social, technical and other affairs, and holds the displaced file management complete tasks, and to reduce the cases of violation of human rights must be that there be a role for the human rights Commission to monitor the cases of violation of rights of displaced people and punish the defaulters. ” He stressed” the necessity of forming a parliamentary committee temporary consists of Alganan {legal, finance, and integrity, and the deportees with the participation of experts from the Office of financial supervision}, so as to control the mechanism of exchange and financial receivables for displaced people and facilitate their administrative procedures, in addition to the formation of another parliamentary committee, to monitor the movement of cases of entry and exit of displaced people in and out of certain areas, in coordination with the security and military government agencies “.anthy