Daash leaders fleeing Mosul in possession of large amounts of money


Local Since 17/04/2016 17:49 pm (Baghdad time)


Translation – the balance of News

Security sources reported that the leaders of al Daash fled the Iraqi city of Mosul into Syria, with large amounts of money and property.

The sources pointed out that “the so-called Sheikh Osama, the chief of operations in the organization Daash near Mosul Dam, has fled to Syria with a large amount of money.”

It was also pointed out that “the commercial director of the office of Daash known as Abu Hazim is the other had fled from Mosul with a large amount of cash and others like Abu Omar did and Abu Hajar two Kiedian prominent in the organization also had fled from Mosul and possession of big money.”

In a related development, it is early in the month of March, a senior lawmaker Ahmed al-Jubouri revealed station FNA that the terrorists Daash were fleeing from the city of Mosul to the Syrian border, while joint operations to Iraqi forces in the provinces of Anbar, Salahuddin began to prepare to attack Mosul.

It ended 92/35 b / m n h



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