“Air France” to resume flights to Tehran pending since 2008


Khandan – Air France “Air France” resumed flights between Paris and Tehran suspended since 2008 because of the international sanctions imposed on Iran.

Trip NIF 738 took off from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, time 12.24 (10.24 GMT) on board, Transport Minister Alain Vidala with a delegation of 15 companies, according to the agency “AFP.”

The Air France announced in December for the reopening of its line with Tehran at a rate of three flights a week after the international agreement, which was reached in July on Iran’s nuclear file, which opened the way for the lifting of international sanctions on Tehran.

And distributed in a timely administrative memorandum imposed on flight attendants and women who are leading aircraft “wear trousers during the flight jacket and a wide veil covering the hair.”

But the company finally bowed to the request of the unions that “the movement of each host on the Paris trip Tehran refuses, for personal reasons, wear it during the descent of the plane, to another flight. And therefore will not be obliged to work on this trip.”



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