Air Force aircraft receive leaflets in Mosul confirm that is very close to the security forces

 M m r h-d
Sunday April 17, 2016 23:05

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Harbi said media cell, Sunday, said air force planes dropped leaflets on the connector, as pointed out that publications confirms for the people of the city that are very close to the security forces.

It said the cell in a statement received Alsumaria News, a copy of the “Iraqi air force planes dropped thousands of leaflets shortly before the city of Mosul.”

She said the cell that “publications citizens called to prepare for the liberalization of Mosul,” noting that it “confirms that the very close of them security forces.”

The city of Mosul under the control of “Daash,” since (June 10, 2014), as it suffers from major security and humanitarian crisis as a result of seeking regulation to impose his vision “extreme” on all aspects of life in the city, while air strikes continue to organize sites in the province with security forces are on the ground and managed to free a number of subject areas under the control of the organization.–CZEg4Uhrg5Q

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