The conflict between “Sistani” and “Khamenei” mounts in the acquisition of influence in Iraq (Details)


17-04-2016 12:00 AM

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Escalate the conflict between the Shi’ite benchmark years in Qom and Najaf to control the power in Iraq, in conjunction with the occurrence of the Government of Abadi , like its predecessor in the financial and administrative corruption.

The newspaper “The Guardian” British published a report dealing with ‘conflict’ between the religious authority , Ali al – Sistani and the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei to acquire influence in Iraq.

The paper says that ” the increasing Iranian influence in Iraq, which reached its peak in the last three years exceeded even politicians in the executive branch.”

She adds that “al – Sistani now realizes that Iran ‘s influence reached unprecedented limits, and that the conflict now is about power and influence , and about who will be able to achieve what is left of the power.”

And making it more difficult matter to al – Sistani ndash ; according to the newspaper that this conflict comes in conjunction with the accusations of the Government Abadi , financial and administrative corruption. And his failure last week to replace the Cabinet with a new generation of reformers, in a disappointing picture of hope overshadowed the political scene in the country.

The paper “The existence of displeasure clear when Sistani not Abadi ‘s ability to achieve the desired reforms, where the latter was unable to achieve the aspirations of al – Sistani, what the political class continues with the Iranian reference to prove its influence more, no Abadi still out of the game scale , ” according to the newspaper “The Guardian “British.

In this context, the newspaper quoted an Iraqi official as saying that “what is happening on the scene of events means that for the first time is the threat of the influence of Sistani and his influence on the ground, which were taken for granted in the past.”

The official added , “Sistani ‘s fatwa from which the militias in 2014. Iran , which grants the cover and is now aware of the meaning it has issued It was an invitation for them to control in many ways.”

The paper points to the “internal challenges facing the Abadi in the way of reforms and impose his authority over the government, most notably his predecessor , Nouri al – Maliki, and the popular crowd.”

She explained that “while al – Abadi is trying hard to impose his authority over the government, former Prime Minister Nuri al – Maliki is playing on his ministerial post over the years, taking advantage of its close link with Iran and the descent of the popular crowd forces at his orders.”

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