Najafi emphasizes the need to preserve the legitimacy and appreciates Iran’s role in helping the Iraqis overcome the crisis

Najafi emphasizes the need to preserve the legitimacy and appreciates Iran’s role in helping the Iraqis overcome the crisisHistory of edits:: 4.16.2016 20:44 • 83 visits readable

Najafi emphasizes the need to preserve the legitimacy and appreciates Iran’s role in helping the Iraqis overcome the crisis

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The head Muttahidoon Osama Najafi on Saturday on the need to preserve the legitimacy and the political process and partnership in decision-making and the real balance, praising Iran’s efforts to help the Iraqi leaders to overcome the ongoing political crisis.

A statement by the coalition that it came during a meeting Najafi Saturday Hassan Dnaii Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Iraq fled During the meeting , they discussed a range of issues of common interest in the files. 

The statement said Najafi ” the price of Iran ‘s efforts to help the Iraqi leaders to overcome the ongoing political crisis,” stressing ” the need to preserve the legitimacy and the political process and the right ingredients as well as a partnership in decision – making and the real balance.” 

He stressed Najafi on “Iraq ‘s unity and cohesion”, calling for ” the perpetuation of communication and political blocs, and the adoption of its opinion and participation in political efforts and everything related to the construction of the country . ” . 

he pointed out that “what happened in the House of Representatives is a government crisis thrown at parliament while required that wisdom and responsibility are available to treat in the light of the Constitution and the laws , ” stressing his stance ” in support of the legitimacy of , and rejecting any action beyond the Constitution, laws and regulations.” 

for his part , supported Ambassador, according to the statement, the right and the role of the Iraqi components in active participation, and pointed out that what happened in the House of Representatives , “held the scene and did not take into account the constitutional situation.” 

the statement said the two sides discussed the different things in the “masters of understanding , friendly atmosphere.”


Tomorrow a meeting of the three presidencies and the leaders of the blocs to discuss the crisis in parliament and ministerial change

Sat, 16 Apr 2016 20:33:56

BAGHDAD – observer news said a parliamentary source, that “three presidencies will be held on Sunday , meeting with leaders of political blocs.” The source said the observer, that ” the meeting came at the invitation of President Fuad Masum , will be held at his home , ” adding that ” the meeting will discuss the parliamentary crisis and the ministerial change . ” . the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs signed in a meeting on 11 April , the document of national reform, and includes several topics, including the progress of the political blocs of candidates for a variety of Ministers to the Prime Minister and shall have the right to select the names of asserting national partnership to choose from the necessary conditions and specifications of efficiency and honesty apply to him. and determined that the Prime Minister opened the nomination of sites independent bodies and deputy ministers and senior diplomats and special grades without exception and closing appointments proxy file in all government websites door are selected on the basis of objective and professional standards away from the political quota system.

Sadr al-Jubouri, thanks to his position today in the political resolution of the crisis

Sat, 16 Apr 2016 19:42:55


Observer news / Baghdad 

Search Speaker of the House with a representative of the cleric Moqtada al – Sadr ways to solve the crisis that is currently taking place in Parliament MPs staged a sit – in. 

The source said that al – Jubouri , “and thanked them pause Moqtada al – Sadr to end the chaos that took place in the parliament.” He said. 

A source in the office of the speaker of parliament, said that “al – Jubouri and MP Zia al – Asadi Sadr ‘s representative in search of finding a way to reforms and resolve the parliamentary crisis map”.

[Where] publishes the protestors who are left the parliament session today the names of Representatives

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 [Oan- Baghdad] 

published by all of Iraq [where] the House of Representatives the names of the protestors who are left parliament session , which was scheduled for Thursday.

According to a parliamentary source for [where], said the signatories , who withdrew the names or did not enter the parliament hall today and the 26 deputies from different parliamentary blocs are both: Hana smaller Bayati, and Amer Al – Fayez, and Razak al – Haidari, and Talal Zobaie, and arrows al – Moussawi, the Rinas Gano and Iman al – Obeidi, and covenants Fadhli, and Ahmed al – Mashhadani, and Circo Mirza Muhammad, and Farid al – Shaalan, and Xuan Daoudi, and Huda carpets. ” 

He is also the failure of each of the ” denominator bonded, and Hakhuan Abdullah, Saadoun al – Dulaimi, and Sabhan al – Saadoun, and Manal Amuslimawi, the Ezzedine state, Razak mheibes Lajimi and Risan Dler, and Salem al – Issawi, and Salah al – Jubouri, and buxom Daini, and Mohammed Tamim Mohammed, and Mona Qasim. ” 

The sitters Representatives has failed on Saturday to hold parliamentary their session for lack of quorum, and postponed held to the day after tomorrow.” 

The MP for national list Adnan al – Janabi [who was chosen to manage the sessions of parliament has left the day the House of Representatives after the failure of the House of Representatives of the protesters to achieve a quorum. 

The President of the House of Representatives Salim al – Jubouri , he will not hold sessions of parliament before the unification of the House of Representatives.

Hakim: feeling everyone to participate decision gives the confidence needed space to cross this crisis


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[Wayne – Baghdad] 

Search head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al – Hakim , head of the coalition are united with Osama al reshuffle and a document of political reform.

A statement of the Presidency of the Supreme Council of the Agency has received all of Iraq [where] a copy of the “al – Hakim received Najafi, and discussed developments in the reform process and the ministerial amendment and the document of political reform, signed by leaders of the political blocs.” 

The al – Hakim that ” the feeling of everyone to participate in the decision gives the confidence needed space to cross this crisis. ”

Erbil says it is entitled to more than $2.5bn of IMF money going to Baghdad


By Zhelwan Z. Wali 2 hours ago

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The KRG’s spokesman said Saturday that Erbil must receive more than 17 percent of an estimated $15 billion that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is expected to approve for Iraq, making the sum in excess of $2.55 billion.

Constitutionally, 17 percent of the Iraqi government’s national budget must go to the autonomous Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq.

KRG spokesperson Safeen Dizayee told Rudaw English that Erbil has a strong case for receiving more than 17 percent of the money that Baghdad expects to receive from the IMF by June.

“The sum must be more than this (17 percent), because from the beginning of 2014 until now Baghdad has not paid Erbil’s budget,” Safeen Dizayee, spokesperson of the KRG, told Rudaw English.

The head of the IMF’s mission in Iraq, Christian Josz, said last month that his organization could approve a standby arrangement by early June, which would provide Iraq with $15 billion worth of international assistance over the course of the next three years.

If Iraq gets the full amount it expects, that would mean that the KRG considers itself entitled to receive more than $2.55 billion, according to Dizayee’s comments.

He noted that Kurdistan has been hosting nearly 2 million war refugees and internally displaced persons since 2014 and its share of the IMF money should take that into account.

“There should be understanding between both sides,” he said.

Kurdish officials have been in the United States to press their case with the IMF.

The KRG’s deputy prime minister, Qubad Talabani, said in Washington that he had received “positive responses” from IMF officials about requests to ensure that Erbil is not left out the deal with Baghdad.

“There is a standby agreement that has been drawn up for Iraq and that is hopefully going to be a sizable sum that is going to be given to Iraq,” Talabani said.

“We are also here to talk to our friends at the IMF to ensure that, out of any funds that go to Iraq, our portion in Kurdistan is weighed out,” he added.

Dizayee stressed that during last month’s visit to Baghdad and Erbil by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and World Bank President Jim Yong Kim it was impressed upon Baghdad that funds going to the central government must be shared with the KRG for the upkeep of the huge number of refugees.

The Kurdistan Region’s four provinces, with an estimated population of 5 million, have been straining under the burden of hosting nearly 2 million refugees and the internally displaced.

Parliamentary economy: salaries of employees insured, even if the price of a barrel to {15} dollars


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Vice Chairman of the Committee on Economy and Investment parliamentary Harith Shanshal confirmed that the salaries of employees insured, even if the price of a barrel to {15} dollars.
He said Chanchal told {Euphrates News} Saturday that “Iraq ‘s economy is good at the moment and we have strategic stocks in addition to increasing Iraq ‘s oil exports ,despite the financial crisis and the drop in world oil prices oil.”
He added , “As for the salaries they exist, secure and Okhov them even if dropped oil prices more. ”
testifies Iraq and most countries of the world economic crisis as a result of the large decrease the price of oil, and the continuing minimization to much less than the cost of production per barrel in some states level, as called for Iraq to declare austerity, and reduce spending after the budget deficit , which reached nearly 25% As a result of the adoption of its economy on oil.
the Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari stressed on 21 January last, the possibility ofsecuring employees ‘ salaries even if the decline in oil prices. is over