Kurdish delegation heads to Baghdad for a true partnership between Tejeerha or referendum


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Saturday 16-04-2016 | 8:29:02

Twilight News / announced the political bureau of the Kurdistan Democratic Party secretary Fadhil Mirani, on Saturday, that the Kurdistan Region would send a delegation to Baghdad for talks with Iraqi factions and the Iraqi government on partnership.
Came Mirani ‘s comments after a meeting of political offices of the two parties Alkordian presidents in democratic region and the Patriotic Union under the supervision of the region ‘s president Massoud Barzani in پarmam resort in Arbil.
he said Mirani said however Finally Sejer Kurdish delegation Baghdad between true partnership or go the region to the referendum and addressed to another kind of coexistence with Iraq.
he said Mirani said the delegation ‘s visit Baghdad will be at the earliest opportunity to, indicating that National Union delegation will be at the level of working body andDemocratic delegation at the level of the political bureau of the party.
He said that the two parties will hold meetings with other Kurdish other parties to form adelegation and will be represented.
and on the participation of the movement of Kurdish change is part of the delegation pointed Mirani that the two sides are willing to be the MDC post with the delegation understand part of this country, adding that the MDC ‘s policy emphasizes that the Kurds have a unified position.
He said the marginalization of any party or parties of the Kurdish Anzoaih would not be in favor of the Kurds as a whole.

وفد كوردي يتوجه الى بغداد لتخييرها بين الشراكة الحقيقية او الاستفتاء