Carter: We will ask the Gulf countries to help Iraq in the reconstruction of liberated cities


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US Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter said on Saturday he would ask the Gulf countries next week tocontribute to the rebuilding of Iraqi areas have been destroyed in the fighting against al Daash efforts.
Carter made the comments at the start of a regional tour during which he will meet with leaders of Saudi Arabia and other US allies in the Gulf region to discuss the battle against Daash and other security issues.
President Barack Obama will attend a summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC ) will meet with theSaudi king Salman Bin Abdul Aziz in Saudi Arabia.
Carter said , “from to defeat Daash in Iraq and Syria will have to rebuild these places that were badly damaged and destroyed Daash and looted and dealt with them badly , “adding, that” Iraq will need to be aneconomic, political and military assistance for the recovery. ”
He said US Secretary of defense” even with our aspiration to provide input in those three areas can Gulf partners [ to make contributions as well and we will talk to them about it. ”
Carter said Washington was looking for ways to strengthen its campaign against Daash include US air strikes US special forces and a strategy to target large sources of funds the organization , which is obtained from oil sales is legal and taxation in the areas it controls.
Carter said in the Al – Dhafra air base in the UAE , which hosts 3,500 uS military fighter jets and reconnaissance aircraft used in the air campaign against Daash “should you should expect us more.”
he was chairman of the joint Chiefs of staff John Donford said in March that he expected increase in US troop levels in Iraq from the current figure of 3,800 military.
It is expected that the additional forces involved in enhancing the capabilities of the Iraqi forces , which ispreparing a major attack on the organization in Mosul.


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