Sadrist movement waging a violent attack on the al – Maliki accuse him as « one ofthe foundations of corruption and support presence in Iraq»


Baghdad «Quds Al-Arabi»: he directed the political body of the Sadrist movement and fierce criticism directly to the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, and accused him of attempting to ride the wave of reform, accusing him of being «of the foundations of corruption and support presence in Iraq».
The body issued after meeting her, on Thursday evening, a statement confirming that «Maliki leapt usual deceiving him who does not fool only Albhm dupes to the illusion that the people calling for reform and the right of students».
The statement pointed to al-Maliki said: «the right to be more than the basis of the foundations of corruption and supporting its existence» and that it «is caused to occupy one-third of the land of Iraq and the creation of Tgam Marda hypocrisy and deceit Doaash crime and bloodshed Sacred».
The statement emphasized that it (ie Maliki) «which Overnmtah in Iraq has lost his children and wealth is, until Pat occupies in all development rankings in the lowest ranks of the least of all nations.» He went on to say: «blundering policies have led to improvised problems with Iraq’s regional surroundings and with partners in the homeland and its people are still suffering to this day».
The statement added: «Maliki appeared to brag desalinate patriotism and wisdom and overlies the reform wave, Allah and His Messenger and the Iraqis know it is far from it all after Almcherqin».
Political body «alerted at this critical juncture in Iraq’s history warn the people of this holy people that steal a political party or any political abused fraud, lying and fraud efforts and sacrifices that culminated in today’s achievements of reform.»
«All politicians from the rape of the people’s revolution triumphant also warned that opportunistic style of speech, which suggests that al-Maliki was still calling for reform, while the Iraqis knew all that he was and still is the enemy of reform.»
According to a source familiar with the Sadrist movement that launched the political body of the bloc of the Sadrist movement Liberals direct attack and explicitly on Nouri al-Maliki undermines all the leaks that are promoted these days that there’s attempts to hold reconciliation between Muqtada al-Sadr and al-Maliki, who are visiting now Beirut, under the auspices of Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General for «Hezbollah» Lebanese

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