Masum calls for a “comprehensive reforms” inaccordance with the thoughtful program

Friday April 15, 2016 22:03

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Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He called on President Fuad Masum, on Friday, to conduct a “comprehensive reforms” according to a thoughtful program, and as he emphasized the importance of the observance of laws and resorting to the constitution, he stressed the need to end the partisan quotas with keeping in mind the balance of components.
Masum said in a televised speech followed up Alsumaria News, “I’m talking to you and start from two principles foundations no difference to them and they make a real and comprehensive reforms, according to a thoughtful program and correction of government, legislative and judicial institutions in the state track and away from quotas factional and partisan and uphold the public interest over private interests, and the observance of laws and resorting to the Constitution as a reference to the top management of the state to maintain the security and integrity of the country. 

He added that “while adhering to these principles, all the differences and differences in views are possible and are subject to discussion and dialogue and agreement on what safeguards the entity of the country and helps to progress in various fields.”
Infallible and called for “all of us go, and across state agencies, a comprehensive reform program helps to end the principle of quotas party in the management of all state departments and independent bodies diplomatic, military and security corps with keeping the balance of ingredients prescribed by the Constitution, and the elimination of corruption and prosecuting corrupt the justice and the restoration of public rights.” .
The infallible need to “strengthen the victories achieved by our heroine against terrorism and ensure security, peace and freedom in all the cities of Iraq,” stressing the importance of “finding suitable to pass the financial crisis solutions as not to compromise employees and low-income bracket.”
The House of Representatives voted during its meeting, which was held on Thursday, headed by Adnan al-Janabi, the dismissal of Speaker Salim al-Jubouri and his two deputies as the “consensus”, and then decided to adjourn the meeting on Saturday.
As he emphasized Jubouri, yesterday, and the presence of “errors” unconstitutional and illegal in the meeting, and the promise of “the practice is not the same consideration,” while unlikely to have any effect on the functioning of the Council, pointed out that the latter would go to hold its normal starting tomorrow.
He said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said yesterday that the differences within the House of Representatives led to “disable”, and warned of continuing with those differences, expected to lead to the obstruction of the work of the government.

Urgent infallible calls on MPs to respect the Constitution and warns of a dark political tunnel


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[Oan- Baghdad]
President Fuad Masum , called on House members to respect the constitutional foundations , ” and warned of” a dark political tunnel. “
Masum said in a televised speech addressed to the Iraqi people, on Friday evening, said that “the responsibility of the parliament is to protect the national position on constitutional grounds and save the political life and democratic practices without being drawn into the pitfalls and dark tunnel,” followed ..

Urgent source reveals the new chairman of the parliament body names agreement Representatives of the protesters


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A source reveals the new chairman of the parliament body names agreement Representatives of the protesters

[Oan- Baghdad] 

parliamentary source for the Presidency of the Council of Representatives the names of the new [permanent] revealed is agreement , according to the protesters Representatives.

The source told all of Iraq [where], that ” the agreement initially took place between protesters deputies to nominate a new body for the presidency of the House of Representatives at the meeting tomorrow Saturday.” 

He added that “According to the initial agreement has been named deputy Qutaiba al – Jubouri , head of the Parliament and head of the Security and Defense Committee parliamentary of quitting as First Vice President and MP for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Adel Nouri second deputy. ” 

the House of Representatives of the protesters and the protesters on the delay in holding the ministerial change has elected a hearing on Thursday , MP for the national coalition Adnan al – Janabi as interim parliament voted to sack Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, but The last count dismissal is illegal and unconstitutional and called for a hearing on Saturday.

Obama’s envoy to the infallible: worried about the political situation in Iraq

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

through the private US President Barack Obama ‘s special envoy for the management of the international coalition to fight al Daash US concerns about the political situation in Iraq.

According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the President of the Republic Fuad Masum, met at the Peace Palace in Baghdad on Friday evening , special envoy of the US President to manage the international coalition to fight Daash Brett Macgork and the US ambassador in Baghdad , Stuart Jones, During the meeting , addressing the current political developments in the country. ” 

through the US delegation , according to the statement , ” it expressed concern about what is happening in the political life in Iraq, noting the work by the United States and Iraq and in earnest with the international donors about securing the support and necessary assistance to Iraq at this juncture. ” 

and between the delegation that “stability in Iraq greatly help in securing and facilitating international support required.”

Jordan hosts a conference for the reconstruction of Iraq and to invest in the 22 of the month of May next

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced the Minister of Works and Housing of Jordan Sami Halasa, Friday, Jordan will host a conference for the reconstruction of Iraq in Amman on the 22nd of the month of May.

Said Halasa at a joint press conference with the President of the Federation of Arab Contractors Fahd bin Mohammed Al Hammadi, announced today that ” The ministry supports this event,” adding that “it is in our interest that there be a benefit to the Jordanian contractor of such exhibitions and conferences.” He pointed out that ” The ministry signed earlier cooperation agreements with { the Federation of Arab Contractors} would provide investment and employment Jordanian contractor opportunities, which is one of the pillars of ten – year plan recently launched by the government , “adding that” the government will provide all facilities for those wishing to attend to participate in the conference. ” for his part, Al Hammadi said that” the exhibition is the first organized by the Union in collaboration with the Ministry of Works and housing and the Jordan Chamber of Commerce regarding Iraq , where it will join the Arab and Islamic nations all , “adding that” the Union will organize soon an exhibition similar to Yemen and another to Syria in case things settled down there. ” he stressed” the importance of such these conferences and exhibitions in the construction and the Arab Contractors Arab sectors of service , “explaining that” the choice of Jordan to host this show was because it is an open state in front of the Arab countries and enjoys security and political stability. ” he pointed out that” the exhibition and conference is an opportunity for the convergence of Iraqi contractors with their Arab counterparts to cooperate with each other at all levels , “stressing that” this conference is the beginning of a calendar matters and will be followed by other shows, which requires the participation of business and money. ” he pointed out that” a commercial exhibition and investment and unrelated political affairs, and will provide an opportunity for the relevant field of contracting, engineering and producers of machinery and construction equipment and materials for networking and meeting national, Arab and foreign companies , “stressing that” relations between Jordan and Iraq good “.anthy

Jubouri offers protestors Khiaran..alastqalh session headed or re-vote on his dismissal



Since 15/04/2016 18:50 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

It seems that House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, faces a second crisis over the weekend, if he insisted on entering the Council as its President, where the House of Representatives sent letters warning sitters severe, predicting a raucous day Saturday.

House sitters, since Tuesday, the Iraqi Council of Representatives, they decided not to allow the President of the Council, Salim al, to come to the seat of parliament and the holding of informal meetings in his capacity as president.

According to a source familiar with the discussions Department told / balances News / Salim al-Jubouri, “took the initiative himself to connect with Dr. Adnan al-Janabi morning and told him not to attachment to the job once and I do not mind who has access to the parliament with Mr. al-Janabi and MPs rebelling, leaving them with one of two options.”

According to the source, the first two options is “to submit his resignation to them in the same meeting a fundamentalist (his resignation is only).”

The second option, is “Salim al-Jubouri, headed by the Chair and re-vote on the dismissal and CCAMLR presidency together.”

The source explained, “they are relatively agreed to this formula, provided the Attorney-Janabi obtaining the approval of the House of Representatives of the protesters on this agreement.”

The source believes is close to the circle of discussion over the past few hours out of the parliamentary crisis that “Salim al-Jubouri, had cast himself from the crisis and was the first responders from presidencies to the wishes of the House of Representatives and the protesters rebelling.”

Attorney Haitham al-Jubouri, described the picket House of Representatives as a “white revolution” carried out by the House of Representatives of the protesters and said it “will transform the political symbols of stolen land and oil on behalf of nationalism and sectarianism dwarfs.”

He added that “Barzani’s recent remarks against Almatsameben nothing but empty bluster.”

As Mohammed Chihod member of a coalition of Iraqi law, led by the former prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki said Friday that “174 deputies, out of 328, voted for the dismissal of Salim al-Jubouri and his two deputies from the presidency of the parliament, and they decided to elect MP Adnan al-Janabi as interim president,” and urged al-Jubouri to “resort to the Federal Court” to challenge his dismissal.

He Chihod saying “Tomorrow parliament will elect a president and two deputies, and will be followed by a move to withdraw confidence from the government, and the formation of a new government, and to continue the comprehensive and radical reform project.”

As Rankin said Abdullah’s / balances News / “There are external and internal continuous attempts to return the legitimacy of the parliament ..omrica pushing to retain the parliament and not to dismiss him.”

Previously the Speaker of Parliament, Saleem al-Jubouri, on Thursday, at a press conference in the parliament building, “the illegality of his dismissal from the presidency of the parliament”, calling on the House to come to a formal meeting tomorrow, Saturday, under his chairmanship.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, has called in a speech addressed to the people to “be patient and wise, and the opportunity for dialogue,” after the events of the Iraqi parliament, saying his refusal to “bow to the option of surrender to the chaos and division, and differences, and dragging the country into the unknown, falls into the abyss “as he put it.

Since last Tuesday, dozens of Iraqi lawmakers continue their sit-in inside the headquarters of the Chamber of Deputies; to demand the resignation of President of the Council, Salim al-Jubouri; following the postponement of voting session, on Tuesday, the candidates for prime minister, Haidar al-Abadi, the new ministerial lineup he proposed to next Thursday.

The Abadi presented March 31 / March last lineup ministerial government of technocrats, includes 16 new ministers, with the exception of the Ministries of Defense and Interior; for a vote, and select the Parliament 10 days to study the files of candidates before voting on them, but it has not received approval of the parliament and political blocs, then presented Abadi , last Tuesday, the new ministerial lineup, including candidates from the political blocs, other than an agreement adopted by Muqtada al-Sadr (President of the Sadrist movement) and other political parties to form a government of “technocrats” is far from the blocks Alssayash.anthy m h n

Kurdish MP: America is pressing to keep the presidency of the parliament



Since 04.15.2016 at 18:45 (Baghdad time)

 Baghdad balances News

The MP said the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) Rankin Abdullah, there are external and internal continuous attempts to return the legitimacy of the parliament and the American press to keep the Parliament and not to the dismissal of his presidency.

Confirmed Abdullah’s / balances News /, that “Salim al-Jubouri, will meet with the heads of political blocs evening to discuss recent events, and the decision to sack him,” indicating that “we are against the dismissal of Salim al-Jubouri.”

She added, ” The problem does not lie in parliament but the government must therefore be changed or sacked .”

Published / balances News / news of the withdrawal of Salim al-appeal submitted to the Federal Court and to the demands of Radwkhh Alnwab.anthy 29 / D 24

United Nations expresses its deep concern over the political crisis in Iraq and calls for the implementation of reforms


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[Oan- Baghdad]
The UN Assistance Mission for Iraq [UNAMI] expressed deep concern about the ongoing political crisis in thecountry , “calling for ” the Iraqi leaders to engage in constructive dialogue to resolve their differences. “
He said the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Iraq and Acting Head of Mission, George Posten , in a statement to UNAMI received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that ” the crisis thatthreatens to paralyze state institutions and undermine national unity in a time when all efforts should be focused on the fight against Daash and implementation reforms, and to revive the economy and restore thespirit and vitality in the performance of the state. ”
he added,” the only party that benefits from political divisions and chaos as well as the weakness of the state and its institutions is to organize Daash, and we must not allow this to happen. ”
he pointed Posten that” Iraq is passing through a difficult period in its history, it is important that members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the political leadership to engage now in the process of dialogue to find solutions based on the principles of democracy and legitimacy. ”
He stressed the UN official” should these solutions be to ensure political stability in Iraq, while managed toget the reforms called her the Iraqi people, it is vital that all political efforts at this stage , this should be to strengthen the unity of the Iraqi people in the fight against terrorist gangs and criminal Daash. ”
and warned that” allow the political differences that explain in terms of sectarianism, as it should be reforms process gathering of Iraqi political parties together, not divide them. ”
said Posten” the United Nations stands ready to assist in bringing Iraqi leaders together in the search for asolution and will not spare any effort in this regard. ”
he emphasized , ” the political leaders in Iraq should put the national interest above any other consideration Last, and work tirelessly to ensure the political process and produce solutions that will lead Iraq out of its crises and promote the state and its institutions, and that only through unity. ”

.. Urgent statement from the Office Najafi: America rejects what is happening in parliament and calls without legitimate


Friday 15-04-2016 | 6:33


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Twilight News coalition leader of the “united” Osama Najafi, said the office / said the US delegation told the latter refusing to dismiss the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri.

According to a statement of the Office responded to Twilight News, said Najafi, head of the coalition are united discussed with Brett Macgork presidential envoy to the International Alliance and Stuart Jones, US ambassador to Iraq, to discuss political developments and especially what happened in the House of Representatives on Thursday.

The statement quoted Najafi as saying that an extension of the crisis stumbled and irregularities that accompanied the reform process that has been unable to persuade the people to happen real reform, as well as the deep economic crisis and its effects.

He stressed-Najafi, according Albaan- “hard stance in support of reforms, respect for the Constitution and the laws and regulations adopted because they Imad democratic process and without which the country could descend into chaos and hit the interests of the people and their goals.

He said that “necessity and national position in charge require the defense of democracy and the defense of the Constitution and the rejection of any attempt to exceed the norms and standards approved by the Constitution and laws and regulations, so he defended the presidency of the Parliament and of Dr. Salim al-Jubouri on according to the Defense of Legitimate and the state and the continuation of the political process base.”

The statement said Bert Macgork and Stuart Jones pointed to the support for the vision of Najafi in this regard, and stressed that “the United States of America with the Constitution and the law and the state, and rejects any infringement of legitimacy, and a description of what happened in the House of Representatives as the process is legitimate and is against the constitution and regulations.”

The statement added , quoting US officials, said that “America and the international community to reject any change beyond democracy and constitutional methods.”
They pointed out that any change is by bypassing these standards provides Daash space tobreathe through it , also undermines efforts to eliminate them, with renewed US support for the Iraqi government .

عاجل.. بيان لمكتب النجيفي: امريكا ترفض ما يحدث بالبرلمان وتصفه بغير الشرعي