The political body of the Sadrist movement: Maliki is one of the foundations of corruption and supporting its existence

Political Since 14/04/2016 21:09 pm (Baghdad time)


 Baghdad balances News

He accused the political body of the Sadrist movement, a coalition of law Nuri al-Maliki Baltbjeh desalinate patriotism and his attempt to ride the reform wave, saying that al-Maliki is one of the foundations of the basis of corruption, support and presence in Iraq, in a strongly worded statement posted on Saleh Mohammed of the Iraqi page which expresses identical views with visions the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr.

The authority said in its statement “after that the right to quotas and that the morning for all to see and demonstrated the Iraqi people patient who was a spoiler, and who was a reformer. After realizing Alkhaibon that the cycle time has sucked and that the people of Iraq had expelled them after Agamthm, kick-Maliki Botaver and the usual deception that does not fool only Albhm dupes to the illusion that the people calling for reform and the right of students. ”

“The right to be more than the basis of the foundations of corruption and supporting its existence,” adding that “that caused the occupation of one-third of the land of Iraq and the creation of Tgam Marda hypocrisy and deceit Doaash crime and bloodshed is Sacred”.

The statement continued, accusing al-Maliki as a “who in Overnmtah Iraq has lost his children and wealth is even Pat occupies in all development rankings lowest and in all orders of the countries least”, past to say “have resulted in policies blundering improvised to problems with Iraq perimeter of the regional and with partners in the homeland and its people are still suffering them to this day. ”

He added that “al-Maliki appeared to brag desalinate patriotism and wisdom, and to ascend the wave of reform and Allah and His Messenger, and Iraqis know it is far from it all after Almcherqin.”

He said “at this critical juncture in Iraq’s history warn the people of this generous people that steal a political party or any political abused fraud and lying and fraud efforts and sacrifices that culminated in today’s achievements of reform.”

“All politicians from the rape of the people’s revolution triumphant also warned that opportunistic style of speech, which suggests that al-Maliki was and is still calling for reform while the Iraqis knew all that he was and still is the enemy of reform.”

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