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Joined Commander GEN Votel in as Iraqi forces today complete liberation of in province

Defense Minister receives US Central Central Command

Mr. Defense Minister, Dr. Khalid al-Obeidi, received, on Thursday, April 14, 2016, Gen. Joseph Votal US Central Command commander occasion of assuming his duties, replacing Gen. Lloyd Austin.

During the meeting, which was attended by all the Iraqi side, Army Chief of Staff and a number of senior officers and officials in the ministry and HE the US ambassador in Baghdad, Mr. Stuart Jones, reviewed aspects of bilateral relations and the nature of future cooperation in various fields, particularly the military field, where he assured the guest that the United States of America It will step up its support for Iraq during the next stage you see the US administration and President Obama that it will be articulated in the defeat of the terrorist organization Daash in the region in general and Iraq in particular.

For his part, Defense Minister stressed the importance of continued cooperation between Iraq and the United States in various fields, praising the great role of the international coalition air support, advice and training on the military side, looking sovereignty to be supporting the coalition in the next stage, more broadly in order to eliminate terrorist groups.

The Minister also stressed the need to intensify the humanitarian support for the displaced, particularly with the entry of the decisive battles for liberation Mnattvadtha for the benefit of the Iraqi armed forces.


Hakim congratulating editing Hit .. Hit liberated today and tomorrow Fallujah and Hawija and then Mosul


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[Wayne – Baghdad]
congratulated the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al – Hakim, the Iraqi people and thesecurity forces, liberation of Heath spend the entire western Anbar.
He said in congratulating him on his location social Altoas [Facebook], “we congratulate our people and we salute the heroes of our security forces who are re – Hit to the bosom of the nation after the liberation of theConception terrorism Aldaasha, we sought their hands to liberate the rest of the dust of the dear homeland.”
He said al – Hakim “today liberated Hit and tomorrow Fallujah and Hawija and then Mosul, and we will continue to cleanse our cities of Conception Daash criminal, and will return our sun shines again after the break thesuccession diabolical and the state of misguidance and deviation.”
He announced anti – terrorism commander, on Thursday, for editing spend Hit fully Daash terrorist gangs.
, said Lt. Gen. Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi’s [where] that “anti – terrorism forces carried out fully eliminate the Heat from the gangs Daash terrorist edit and fumigated Conception Daash terrorist gangs.”
He said al – Asadi said ” the editing process resulted in the deaths of tens of Aldoaash and the destruction of their wheels and their hideouts. ”
the military operation was launched for clearing eliminate the Heat in late March, where the military operation lasted 14 days, it suffered a terrorist gangs which Daash great human and material losses.

Chairman of the parliament will meet with the heads and representatives of the blocs to discuss recent developments


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} held the presidency of the House of Representatives Thursday afternoon an expanded meeting with a number of heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs; to discuss the latest developments.
According to a statement to the House of Representatives and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Thursday, ” The meeting stressed their keenness on the political process, and the safety procedures of the legal and constitutional point of view , we announce Despite the lack of adherence to any site in the country ‘s leadership, but we find imperative that we not abandon the task Holy entrusted to us by the people, and his deputies in the Protection of theConstitution and the law, and to continue the process of reform and access to Iraq to safety, and not to return to the strife, and the use of violence and intimidation in theimposition of wills. ”
the statement added that” the presidency of the parliament and the heads of blocs said in order to continue the constitutional approach trodden parliament in anexpression of Representatives for the demands of their people, decided to board thepresidency of the Council of Representatives to continue Bjta normal scheduled. ”
and the statement that” the meeting will be held next Saturday 16/4/2016 at ten in the morning to listen to views on the presidency of the Council, and resolved inaccordance with legal and constitutional contexts to continue listen to the objectors House and demanding the resignation of chairman of the parliament, or the three presidencies. ” Ended h

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Jubouri: the protesters session would not entail legal effect next Saturday will be a normal expanded hearings



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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the protestors session will not result in legal effect, and Saturday sessions will be normal.
Jubouri said in a press conference at the House of Representatives, and wasattended by the correspondent of the agency {Euphrates News} on Thursday, ” Theadvocates of reform must meet the request based on the true interests, and put on aserious is Bdaash, and an economic crisis, and a state of political turmoil , we can cross the crisis, and exceeded adversity, “he said . ” he ‘s parliament , who graduated from the solutions. ”
he added , ” we are committed to the constitutional Baltoukitat, and waited for thepresence of the prime minister, but he did not come, and what happened the day theexercise carried out by the other, and did not affect the parliament , “calling to attend the House of Representatives on Saturday; to establish normal normal hearing.
and that “what is managed plots should condemn, every act is thoughtful should not affect the political process.”
he pointed out that he “should be to contact the negative messages to the citizens of the other, and how to move the political process and marginalize others and how togo a normal life and we are in the mess that may affect the citizens. ”
he went on saying that” the sessions will take place on a regular basis, and if there is a protest must protest , according to the natural order, and what concerns us is tostrengthen the unity of the country and achieve the demands of the people. ” Ended tc

Kurdistan: we did not attend today’s meeting and did not vote on the dismissal of al-Jubouri



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BAGHDAD / .. stressed the Kurdistan Alliance, on Thursday, he did not attend the session of the House of Representatives did not vote on the dismissal of the parliament speaker Salim al-Jubouri and his two deputies.

He said Alliance MP Najiba Najib’s “Eye of Iraq News,” “The Federal Court of are will be decided in today’s session whether constitutional or not,” explaining that “the deputies of the Kurdistan Alliance did not attend today’s meeting and are not aware of the number present Representatives Hall of Parliament.” .

Najib said that “the dismissal of the three presidencies in the current time is not right may create crises, especially as we are at war with a terrorist organization Daash and should take the importance of this file.”

What was seen as House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, Thursday, to vote on his dismissal “unconstitutional” and lacks sufficient quorum for the meeting.

The House voted during the meeting, which was held under the chairmanship of Adnan al-Janabi, said Thursday the dismissal of al-Jubouri and his two deputies as the “consensus” .anthy 9