Hakim congratulating editing Hit .. Hit liberated today and tomorrow Fallujah and Hawija and then Mosul


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[Wayne – Baghdad]
congratulated the head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al – Hakim, the Iraqi people and thesecurity forces, liberation of Heath spend the entire western Anbar.
He said in congratulating him on his location social Altoas [Facebook], “we congratulate our people and we salute the heroes of our security forces who are re – Hit to the bosom of the nation after the liberation of theConception terrorism Aldaasha, we sought their hands to liberate the rest of the dust of the dear homeland.”
He said al – Hakim “today liberated Hit and tomorrow Fallujah and Hawija and then Mosul, and we will continue to cleanse our cities of Conception Daash criminal, and will return our sun shines again after the break thesuccession diabolical and the state of misguidance and deviation.”
He announced anti – terrorism commander, on Thursday, for editing spend Hit fully Daash terrorist gangs.
, said Lt. Gen. Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi’s [where] that “anti – terrorism forces carried out fully eliminate the Heat from the gangs Daash terrorist edit and fumigated Conception Daash terrorist gangs.”
He said al – Asadi said ” the editing process resulted in the deaths of tens of Aldoaash and the destruction of their wheels and their hideouts. ”
the military operation was launched for clearing eliminate the Heat in late March, where the military operation lasted 14 days, it suffered a terrorist gangs which Daash great human and material losses.


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