Tomorrow .. Abadi submit new names for ministerial cabins


By Mohammed Emad 13.04.2016 05:50 | Views: 1327

Tomorrow .. Abadi submit new names for ministerial cabins

Brother – Private

The chairman of the Mandaeans Bloc Harith al – Harthy, Wednesday, Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi will present tomorrow , Thursday , new names for ministerial cabins, among the MPs that the goal is the removalof the three presidencies and then discuss the names of the new ministers.

He said Al – Harthy for News Agency (et) that “There is a meeting this evening featuring Abadi infallible Jubouri to discuss developments especially sit a number of deputies inside the parliament building and thecollection of signatures for the withdrawal of confidence from the three presidencies , ” explaining that “al -Jubouri , or Abadi will submit a request to the president to dissolve the House of Representatives “.

He warned that ” the dissolution of the House of Representatives means that the entry of millions of theprotesters to the Green Zone , which is creating a new crisis and is a step no solution at all,” adding that “Ebadi will attend the Thursday session in order to provide new cabin of the minister.”

The House of Representatives and the lifting of emergency meeting, on Wednesday, the day on Thursday, after he witnessed verbal altercations and exchanges between the number of members of the Council.

The Jubouri has presided over an emergency meeting on Wednesday, in the presence of 171 deputies, inconjunction with the protests , a number of them on the new cabin made by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi to the House of Representatives.

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