Foreign oil companies in the Kurdistan region receives dues for the month of March


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[Wayne – Arbil]
took over companies Janelle Energy, Woody or that, and golf Keystone], one of the major companies operating in the field of oil production in the Kurdistan region companies, dues for the month of March.
The Ministry of Natural Resources in the province , said ” the major companies operating in the Tawke field received 16 million and 370 thousand dollars, by the provincial government, and besides that amount, I got 3.24 million dollars as well as compensation for their dues accumulated in the past.”
She added that ” this amount will be divided by two [DNO] Norwegian and Janelle Energy] British – Turkish, thetwo inputs in the Tawke field, in which the level of oil exports rose in March to 74 thousand and 546 barrels per day, while the oil production in the month February last 66 thousand and 427 barrels in the field. ”
in Sheikhan field, delivered the Kurdistan Regional Government, $ 15 million, to the Keystone Golf company accrued month of March, including $ 5.5 million as receivables oil exports in March and 8.9 million incompensation for entitlements accumulated.
in patter field, the provincial government delivered 19.88 million, accrued export of oil companies operating, as well as giving the major companies operating in the field, which is Janelle Energy and company [Addax petroleum] 3.91 million dollars compensation for past dues.

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