Urgent start hosting Abadi about the cabinet reshuffle session

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[Oan- Baghdad] 

Council of Representatives resumed, held its host Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi about the cabinet reshuffle.

The Abadi arrived this afternoon to parliament to ask candidates who introduced them to vote for them and give them the confidence instead of its candidates for ministerial cabin that has been delivered to the House of Representatives in 31 of last March. 

The contract Abadi , upon his arrival to the parliament held a meeting with the Presidium of the Council of Representatives and the heads of parliamentary blocs to discuss the list candidates with the news of the postponement of the vote on the new cabinet his booth to session next Thursday. 

He disclosed parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] the names of new candidates . they are: 

1 – the wholesome Aussie / Ministry of Construction. 

2. Faleh al – Fayad / Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

3 – Musa Jawad al – Moussawi / Ministry of Higher Education 

4 -ala Abdul – Qader al – Abadi / Ministry of youth. 

5. Jabar Ali / oil Ministry 

6. Yusuf Ali Asadi / Ministry of transport. 

7. Ala rich Hussein of the Ministry of Health. 

8. Hassan al – Janabi / Ministry of water resource 

9. Salah Rashid warrior / Ministry of Electricity 

10. I hope arrows judge / MoE 

11. Wafa Jafar Mahdawi / Ministry of planning 

12. Nizar Nasser Zebra / Ministry of Labour 

13. Umid Ahmed Mohammed / Department of Commerce 

14. Mohammed Jassim Mohammed / Ministry of Justice 

did not include The new list for the offices of the Ministry of Interior and Aldvaa.anthy 14

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