Parties will resolve the region delegation participation of the Kurds in the political movement



Editor: 04/12/2016 21:55 Number of ViewsKurdish parties said it had suspended its participation in the current political movement, but stressed at the same time will not seek to block a draft ministerial amendment seeks his prime minister, as well as it would not object to pass any lineup around the blocks correspond with the exception of the Kurdish Ministries component. 
Revealed for Kurdish sources (range Press), that forces and Kurdish parties, plans to send a unified delegation to Baghdad to hold extensive talks with other political parties, and the opening of the outstanding issues between Baghdad and the region.

She informed sources on mobility debate within the province of Kurdistan, said that Kurdish forces had decided the current talks Province in Baghdad, but does not intend to block any settlement reached by the other parties, provided to keep the ministries of the Kurdish component out of the question until the Kurdish parties delegation ends talks with the federal government and its outskirts.

According to sources, the Kurdish delegation, which will arrive in Baghdad soon, plans to open the partnership between the component files in the political, security and economic issues, and discuss the relationship between the two files, most notably the implementation of Article 140.

He also discusses the delegation of Kurdistan, according to the same sources, the balance within the political, security and military institutions, and the need to dispel feelings of marginalization felt by Kurdish component.

The sources confirmed that the Kurdistan delegation would go to Baghdad unified position, after the most prominent big parties deal in the region on the identical positions during the recent visit by a delegation to Baghdad provincial government.

The sources pointed out that the Kurdish side pledging his participation in any future government on Baghdad’s position on the files that will put the Kurdish parties delegation soon.

He sources said that the same position expounded President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, in a lengthy interview with contact Joe Biden, US Vice President recently.

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