Deputy from the Kurdistan reveal convene an emergency session of parliament tomorrow morning

Political Since 12/04/2016 18:57 pm (Baghdad time)


BAGHDAD – balances News

Revealed the Kurdistan Alliance member Shirin Reza, Tuesday, for an emergency session of the House of Representatives tomorrow morning. 

She said Reza’s / balances News /, that ” the lifting of today ‘s session to Thursday came to the presence of another option for the cabin , ” the cabinet “and a return to the quota system,” revealing in the same time that he “will be an emergency meeting of the Council held tomorrow morning to vote on the cabins , Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi” technocrats. ”

She said, it was “continuing to sit until the implementation of our demands and the abolition of the quota system and the change of the three presidencies bodies.”

The source seats revealed today that the House of Representatives of the protesters formed the presidium of the parliament headed by Iskandar and berries and organic Shaalan Karim and Ali Sobhi al-Maliki, noting that more than 50 deputy signed on to hold a hearing under the chairmanship of the oldest member, to change the presidencies and an end to the quota system. It ended 29

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