The Iraqi Economic Forum in Toronto , Canada


11/04/2016 23:07
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Tomorrow Press / follow-up:

Forum was held in Toronto, on Monday, the Iraqi – Canadian economic conference.

Taleb Ibrahim al-Baghdadi, and President of the Economic Council in a speech at the Iraqi Economic Forum held in Ottawa, Canada; and got “Tomorrow’s Press,” a copy of it, “the Canadian government to support and encourage the signing of Canadian exports to Iraq agreement.”

Baghdadi and stressed the need to run the Canadian Air Line lines between Baghdad and Toronto, pointing out that the Economic Council is looking forward to the completion of the agreement between Canada and Iraq for the formation of the Iraqi Canadian economic Standing Committee for the development of relations and economic interests between the two countries.

The head of the Economic Council, the need for the presence of advanced cadres from the Canadian embassy in Baghdad for the granting of visas from the Iraqi capital Baghdad, a Emasineks positively on the document and develop the bonds of economic, cultural and humanitarian relations between our two friendly countries.

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