{} Euphrates News publishes reform document, signed by the political leaders and the three presidencies


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News Agency got {Euphrates News} a copy of the document of national reform signed by the presidencies and political leaders today at the Peace Palace in Baghdad.
According to the text of the document which bore the signatures of the President of the Supreme Islamic Iraqi Council Ammar al – Hakim and President Fuad Masum and Prime Minister Haidar al – Abbadi and Parliament Speaker Salim al – Jubouri, as well as the signatures of both the {Osama Najafi, Hadi al – Amiri, Hussain al -Shahristani, Saleh al – Mutlaq, Jamal Karbouli, Hashem al – Hashemi, Faleh al -Fayad} “faith as required by the conditions in Iraq and the priorities that emerge from its proud people and patient and from the keenness of everyone to maintain thesupreme national interest and facing the challenges taking place in Iraq on theservices and the legitimate aspirations of the level of security in the completion of the final victory over the Daash and the liberation of all occupied lands and support stability in liberated areas to ensure the safety and dignity of displaced people return and begin operations of reconstruction.
this national document starts on a clear path to pull the country out of its crisis pillar dismantling the current political stalemate across the different national forces cooperation on the basis of the political process and Mrtkzadtha.
based on the above, the essence of this document is structured about the mass desire to make quality and significant changes in the executive performance and thelegislative and judicial in all his joints and staff , and at different levels ofresponsibility with full commitment to constitutional and parliamentary legitimacy and the provision of appropriate covers are to promote this principle and work which constitutionally
the document follows: items
1. The application of comprehensive reform in all political, security and national economic and social files according Alaolulyat based on plan and in line with theconditions of the country.
2. Safeguarding the national independence of the Iraqi decision to keep the gift of the state both internally and externally.
3 for sale . Post components of community and national forces in the process ofcomprehensive reform through real participation in a scene reform in accordance with the principle of national partnership within the ceiling of the Constitution and thelaw.
4 for sale . Provide the political blocs of candidates for the ministerial lineup to thePrime Minister and shall have the right to select the names of asserting national partnership to choose who apply the necessary conditions and specifications of efficiency and honesty. .
5. The obligation to return the displaced to areas as soon as possible and thegovernment is committed to political forces backed by harnessing the potential ofeach State and external support for the reconstruction of liberated areas.
6. The prime minister is open nomination for the positions of independent bodies and deputy ministers and senior diplomats and special grades without exception and closing appointments proxy file in all government websites door are selected on the basis of objective and professional standards away from the political quota system and form a committee of experts to participate in supporting the government forces by [4 ] members of the national Alliance and {2} two members of the Union offorces and {2} two members of the Kurdistan Alliance and one member of thenational list and {2} , representing the Prime Minister of this committee is working to assess the candidates for the positions referred to and make recommendations to the Prime Minister , according to constitutional contexts while preserving national balances on to accomplish all the tasks within three months from the date ofapproval of this document.
7 Construction of a political advisory council members include the main political forces in the country ‘s leaders , along with the three presidencies called the political Council is a national council advisory meets monthly to discuss the Supreme strategies the country ‘s dismantling of political bottlenecks that are formed , thecouncil mentioned within a month of the adoption of the document.
8 working on the completion of a package of laws and legislation important nationally, economically and socially, developmentally and politically, particularly theFederal Court Act and file of the accountability and justice and the law of general amnesty and the law of oil and gas and a review of the law {where you this} and theresolution of the formation of the Federal service and the law of the Federation Council and the other within a period of 90 days from the date of approval of this document.
9 review of the level of achievement and the size of the results achieved from theprogram of the current government since it was formed and the completion of thecompletion of its program , which constitutes the foundation.
10 activating the role of the Iraqi judiciary to pursue elements and prosecution ofcorrupt and broken open the files of corruption and taking legal action right.
11. All the forces participating in the government signs the details of this document is a document by which the honor of working on all sides.
12 for sale . Participation in the government powers pledge to support thegovernment ‘s measures and support their decisions in order to be fully implemented perfectly. The government is also committed to the principle ofconsultation with the political forces in the path of reforms and implementation of theitems mentioned in this document approved in duration. “End quote

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