New measures in the way of economic reform



9/4/2016 0:00

Industry: Coordination modern window Council towards integration between the public and private sectors

BAGHDAD – Ahmed Abed Rabbo
promised the Ministry of Industry and Minerals establishment of the industrial coordination by theCouncil of Ministers «modern window» Council towards integration Alaguetsada.aota this at a time when the Commission announced the restructuring of public companies , which includes 10 ministries to take important measures for economic reform.

official ministry spokesman Abdul Wahid al – Shammari said in a statement »Sabah»: the «cabinet approval for the formation of Industrial coordination Council , a step towards economic integration among various industrial sectors, like the rest of the world».

he the «this council is a modern window will achieve integration between public and private sectors, as well as civil society organizations».

the cabinet approved on Tuesday the establishment of industrial coordination Council, as decided to liquidate Sennacherib technologies irrigation of the Ministry of Agriculture.

In terms of the Commission corporate restructuring, Shammari added that « the committee formed by the Council of Ministers headed by the Minister of Industry and minerals Mohammed Darraji includes membership representatives from ten ministries have taken several important measures aimed at economic reform and the advancement of the public companies, according to the national development plan prepared and studied by the advisers» .

He pointed out that «the Commission is working on a restructuring of those companies and referred to the investment in the form of stages in collaboration with the World Bank, which would make them turn into profitable companies is reflected at the national economy and the standard of living for Mlakatha».

the Al – Shammari said that « the restructuring guarantees for companies work according to economic principles of proper business standards, and will have high competitiveness , thus contributing to the creation of other jobs, with investment of human Mlakatha, through the introduction of modern technology and trained at the highest skill and competence levels. »

He said« investors who wish to get those precious opportunities for them choice in the number of angels that they need, and the state will provide surplus staffs ‘ salaries », revealing« the presence of a great desire among Iraqis and foreign investors to invest inthese companies , especially after the amendments made ​​to contracts formats ».

regarding the steps to activate the work, said the official spokesman for the« Committee He is currently working on making the legislation and laws related to investing more flexible through direct contact with the judicial and legislative power »,

adding that« the Committee shall hold regular meetings to develop a well thought out and effective recommendations from all sides and then brought by the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers for approval under the supervision of Supreme Audit and the integrity Commission ».

He believes that« the advancement of economic reality and build an industrial base restore prestige to the Iraqi industry requires extraordinary efforts by all state institutions and to address to those who conspire to disrupt the production process in the country and make it a consumer only, in order to make a profit from import contracts , which do not serve the interest of the country ».

in the same context, al – Shammari detect the opening of the Minister of Industry and minerals written Almqalbh automatic in the foundry and sections iron plant in structures lab affiliated to the General Company for steel Industries», adding that «those fonts used for military industries and civil».

Furthermore, announced the General Company auto and equipment , one of the Ministry of industry and minerals fire sale of trucks and specialized equipment to ensure citizens in installments in exchange for property value covers the amount of the truck.

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