National delivers the list of candidates for the ministries to Abadi


4/10/2016 0:00

Baghdad, Omar Abdel-Latif
Revealed the National Alliance for the submission of Ministers of candidates for public office in accordance with the reform sought by the Prime Minister, at a time when the decision of the House of Representatives expected to determine a rate of 50 percent for each of the political blocs on the one hand and Abadi, on the other hand for the selection of the cabinet reshuffle, the Kurdistan Alliance has pledged to be a selection process Minister of simple kiss in the event of the Prime Minister agreed on the proposals in the ministerial representation. The MP said the coalition of state law Full Zaidi: that an agreement was between the political blocs and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on the nomination of the names of accepted that carry the same terms of reference and features requested by the Prime Minister, adding that the country had a lot of scientific and national statures and independents.
Eight Committee

He said al-Zaidi, in an interview for »morning», that «the eight committee of the National Alliance presented three candidates for each ministry to Abadi last Thursday, and these nominations are blocs has waived abhorrent quotas that dominated the political scene candidacy names for a variety of ministerial are not parties also the prime minister is not obliged to accept those nominations in case he saw inappropriate », and hinted that« the ball is now in the home and is trying to exploit the ten days given to him by parliament for the completion of his cabinet and submit those names to study without any time limit exceeded on the constitution or the law », ruling that «the political blocs are trying to repeat their earlier experiences in the selection of people incompetent for ministerial positions, describing she goes ahead and repeat the experiment that represents« suicidal »and challenge the popular mobility
And the street ».
For his part, told the House of Representatives decision of Imad Youkhana: The parliamentary committees will meet this week to express their views in the ministerial line-up presented by the Prime Minister, in addition to consultations between the Presidency of the parliament and the prime minister and the political blocs to reach a common point so as to provide officially by the prime minister with a sacking or the resignation of former prime ministers and one decision within

Provide candidates

He Youkhana, in a special interview for «morning», he «expected blocs to nominate its candidates to the Prime Minister to be the same specifications requested by it, considering that the imposition of the Minister to the Prime Minister phase has passed», expecting that «there would be what rate of 50 percent for each of the political blocs and the Prime Minister in the selection of ministers for the new government to be able to proceed with its project, strong and supported by the masses and the parliament ».
Meanwhile, a MP from the Kurdistan Democratic Party Arafat Karam: that the prime minister did not neglect the idea that the Kurds nationalist background in Iraqi society, indicating that «the Kurds to have a unified position is to deal with them as a nationality, not political parties, and to ensure a 20 percent stake of ministerial positions and knowledge of the ministries that will be given for them, as well as the need Abadi talk with the Kurdish leadership in change
He said Karam, in an interview for »morning», that «the Kurds be nominated three figures for each ministerial post, while it will be the Prime Minister the freedom to choose one of them according to the conditions that the candidate still potent and fair», indicating that «submit names to the prime minister is not a problem. It is easy as that the Kurds have a competent and capable persons to fill ministerial posts in the central government, but they are awaiting the approval of the prime minister on their conditions and suggestions they have given him. »

Seriousness in reform

The MP from the Union of Iraqi forces pretty Abadi has been described what is happening now as «flop» and quotas abhorrent can not get out easily, indicating that the decision-makers to change the cabinet reshuffle have no seriousness in the fight against corruption and to choose honest and competent personalities to lead the country during the next phase.
She Abadi, in an interview for »morning», that «the political blocs when you fall in such situations, it invokes States that followed and such a thing is not acceptable and can not lead Iraq to safety», claim these blocks that «be more serious in the process change and reform, which came out for it and demanded by the people after 13 years in which governments did not provide anything to the citizen ».

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