Kerry: Do not get caught in the reshuffle file, but the stability of Iraq concerns us

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US Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday he did not and will not interfere in the cabinet reshuffle in Iraq, but stressed that the country’s stability or concern to the international coalition and the United States, declaring that the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ideas and views on what he wants to be implemented with respect to the ministerial amendment to be announced cursed in the coming hours.

Edit Mosul 

Kerry said at a news conference in Baghdad, “I share the viewpoint Abadi in the liberation of Mosul as soon,” noting that “Iraqi forces are lead Mosul editing process.”

He stressed that the Iraqi prime minister, “bringing in more American troops did not ask,” noting that “the liberation of Mosul at the top of the list of our priorities in Iraq.”

Ideas for the future

And on the cabinet reshuffle and the position of the United States of him and tugging that was overshadowed by Kerry he said that “the Iraqi prime minister has ideas for the future and views on what he wants to implement it in the coming days and he told me that he had a vision about the reshuffle would be announced in the coming hours.”

He announced the US Secretary of State, saying “do not interfere in the reshuffle in Iraq file, but the country’s stability concerns us.”

We are not brokers

He pointed out that “consultation is ongoing and we can not interfere but we stressed the necessity that there be political stability in Iraq.”

He went on to say “The question of the amendment Ministerial internal Iraqi issue and we are not mediators between the Iraqi parties, but supporters of the Iraqis.”

“We urge all the political parties in Iraq to cooperate and harmony together to overcome the political challenges.”

Kerry stressed, saying that the “liberation of Mosul at the top of our priority list in Iraq,” and pointed out that “the United States and Iraq share the importance of liberalization of Mosul as soon as possible and this is what we agreed upon, I and Mr. Haider al-Abadi.”

Daash lose ground

“The Daash lose ground and fighters trying to escape or hide amid Almdnyian”

He said, “We will train local forces to be able to grab the land,” stressing that “no foreign troops will only request of the Iraqi government and the presence of Iraqi Prime Minister did not ask to bring more American forces.”

But he stressed, saying that “the days of Daash limited, whether in Iraq or in Syria, but the victory can not be achieved between the overnight”

The relay “will not defeat Daash, but also we will support Iraqis to live in harmony and overcoming challenges”, past to say that “our support for the people of Iraq is part of a commitment for the future.”

“The organization Daash lost 40 percent of the land that was occupied and controlled by” adding that “the international coalition will continue to provide necessary assistance to the Iraqi people, including displaced persons and refugees.”


He added that “Washington has provided $ 123 million for Iraqi refugees and will provide 155 million dollars.”

He concluded by saying “the United States and the Iraqi government supports the work done by the International Monetary Fund,” noting that “Washington supports Baghdad to confront the economic crisis because of lower oil prices.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Baghdad Friday to discuss the war on Daash Iraqi political situation with senior Iraqi officials.

The focus of Kerry during his visit to the role of the international coalition and the United States to support Iraq in its fight against terrorism, and Kerry will meet with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari, in addition to Kurdish officials.

Kerry’s visit came a sudden after attending a meeting with his counterparts in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in the Bahraini capital.

Kerry’s visit also coincides with the Pentagon study also create more small military sites to help Iraqi forces in their efforts to restore Mosul.

The United States was the first rule of this kind has been opened after returning to Iraq in 2014.anthy 29 / tc n

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