4 blocs agree on the terms of the minister candidate. . The features of the new selection clarified within a week


Long-Presse / Baghdad”Closed envelope” government ended before end deadline set by the Parliament Sub-committees until Saturday, to decide the validity of the names that leaked out by Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi of the dome of the parliament.

In a sign of fading fortunes of the proposed government, raising the House of Representatives last week’s meetings until next Tuesday, after three days of his pause mentioned.

The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi him, in (31 March 2016), the new line-up to House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, a closed envelope, as voted on by parliament, that gives confidence to candidates during the ten-day period ended on Saturday.

The capital Baghdad over the past week, an upward political mobility leaders internal and external parties to lift the country out of the impasse the government candidate presented by the prime minister told parliament.

The outcome of the talks for a comprehensive Rcn blocs to change each cabin ministerial exception of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi. He said the agreement, which was adopted by most of the blocks need to take into account the new selection equilibrium with a clear rejection of the merged ministries because it will necessarily lead to a breach of the electoral entitlement and balance Almkoonati.

Political blocs do not look, first and foremost the National Alliance as the biggest parliamentary bloc, has reached a critical understandings on the candidates from the new selection that can be introduced in the parliament session on Tuesday.

According to political sources, I talked to (range) on customary condition of anonymity, the last eight of the Committee, the National Alliance, continues to received biographies of ministers in the light of the agreement reached between the political blocs to change all the ministers present, according the current ministerial map.

And whether the time remaining until the next session of parliament allowed launched the new line-up, the sources ruled out that although it has not ruled out that the apparent features of the government anticipated next Tuesday, but at the same time emphasized the need for more time for browning it.

Viewing the vast sources expected to testify this week, return the heat to the talks blocs, particularly in light of the visit by the US Secretary of State John Kerry to Baghdad, the delegation arrived in the Kurdistan Regional Government, who held important and in-depth conversations with the prime minister and the parties of the National Alliance.

The sources pointed out that the political agreement ruled out the option of the 16 Ministry of Government because it does not satisfy the blocks does not take into account balance, expected to retain the 22 ministries only and not to increase it to more than that.

Sources say that the eight Committee of the National Alliance is studying biographies of candidates for ministerial portfolios in the light of four conditions have been agreed upon:

1. not to be the candidate of the prominent leaders of the blocks.

2. not be a candidate had received a previous Department.

3. Be a specialist in the field of his ministry.

4. be approved by the Prime Minister.

The sources did not rule out keeping some ministers in the current selection, as he also did not rule out the use of some of the names contained in the “closed envelope” list, despite its emphasis on that list has become one of the last after the withdrawal of five of their names, and the refusal of the 10 parliamentary committees before.

The sources pointed to the positive atmosphere that prevails in political dialogues in the light-knit relationship between Baghdad and the Kurdistan region in the light of the delegation to visit the region.

The sources denied a link between the visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry , the current political movement, noting that the Americans consider the reshuffle Iraqi affair, but they support the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi. From … Amin Abdul Hadi


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