Urgent UN official: Iraqi government will open a safe passage for the people of Fallujah


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[Oan- Baghdad]
revealed a UN official about the intention of the Iraqi government to open a safe corridor to bring out the besieged city of Fallujah residents – Anbar- province blockaded by Daash terrorist gangs ” , expressing at the same time expressed” grave concern for the situation of civilians there.
The Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme and the Humanitarian Coordinator in Iraq , in an interview with UN Radio, that ” the United Nations has called for the establishment of a safe humanitarian corridor to deliver humanitarian aid to trapped in Falluja, under the control of the organization Daash.”
Confirmed Grandi ready the UN organization to deliver aid humanitarian Once it allows this, and said: “sure, but the situation is very complicated for us and for the partners in the humanitarian field to the lack of safe access, since the start of tightening the siege we were in intense negotiations with the civil and military authorities to open a humanitarian and safe passage.”
“in fact, The government sent a message to me officially last week in my capacity as coordinator of humanitarian affairs, and indicated its intention to open a safe passage. ”
between Grande” they will [ the government] directing families inside Fallujah to get to areas that can Tstahbhm which Iraqi security forces and escorted by military ways across the city to ensure security. ”
She stressed that” the United Nations stands ready to provide all humanitarian aid quickly once they are notified by the Iraqi government to open safe corridors, “noting that” the United Nations is expanding camps fordisplaced people near Fallujah capability in anticipation of the exodus of the population outside the city. ”
the suffering population Fallujah , the deterioration of the humanitarian situation as a result of lack of food and medicine, because Daash terrorist gangs.

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