Kerry in Baghdad to put pressure on political blocs to pass the new ministerial cabin (Details)


07-04-2016 08:30 PM

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Orbit News –

Links Centre for Research and Strategic Studies revealed the visit of US Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday to Baghdad in an attempt to increase US pressure on the political blocs to pass the cabin cabinet announced by Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi Thursday momentum.

According to the revelations links the center of the Kerry talks with Iraqi politicians will be aimed at the success of the formation of the new technocratic government, pointing out that the US administration and through its minister will exercise diplomatic and military pressure on the political process partners in Iraq in order to expedite the formation of the government anticipated ahead of the GCC summit in Saudi Arabia end this month and which is due to President Barack Obama , who will aim to request the Gulf aid to Iraq to overcome the financial crisis participates.

Also pointed out that Obama ‘s position apologize for any request for assistance to Iraq in the coming GCC summit if it does not fit the political situation and form a government of technocrats as soon as possible

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