The second candidate for the Ministry of sovereign withdrawal from the new cabin


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[Oan- Baghdad]
announced candidate the Ministry of Finance and Planning Ali Allawi, on Wednesday, to withdraw his candidacy from office, attributing this to the existence of political bickering and sectarian interference will lead to pre – empt the reform project.
Allawi said in a statement, “I was nominated to the post of Minister of Finance and Planning [sovereign] in theproposed cabinet reshuffle and agreed to put my name on the House of Representatives , ” adding that “in recent days , and after observing the sequence of events observed political interference and interactions factional will inevitably lead to abortion radical and comprehensive reform project , which has worked to accomplish for years. ”
Allawi added that” the draft technocrats independent government presented to a wider project that includes thefight against corruption and reform of the government ‘s performance and create government jobs, “he said . ” Based on the foregoing decided to withdraw my candidacy for this position. ”
The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi has handed over nominations new ministerial cabins to the House ofRepresentatives last Thursday , including Ali Abdul Amir Allawi , the Ministry of Finance and planning, denied last Monday news withdraw his candidacy for the post.
Allawi and longer is the second candidate to withdraw his candidacy from the ministerial cabin after he announced Nizar Mohammed Salim al – Numan , who belongs to the Kurdish nationalist, last Friday his candidacy from the Ministry of oil attributing his decision to ” the lack of political consensus on the new ministerial cabin.”
It is said that the House of Representatives is currently working on a study of biographies of the candidates in theministerial cabin and announced parliamentary committees its rejection of the candidates said they ” are not eligible for ministerial positions.”
a spokesman for the office of Prime Minister Saad al – Hadithi told [where], yesterday, said Ebadi “has completed its mission in a process of cabinet reshuffle presenting candidates new ministerial cabins to the House ofRepresentatives.”
in the deputy for the coalition of Kurdish blocs Chenkali Majid told [where], that Abadi will hold a meeting with the political blocs to submit their nominations rather than ministerial his booth. ”

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