National Union and Change: Kurds are partners in the new government a stake of 20% of them


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[Oan- Baghdad]
According to a member of the Leadership Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan gentle Sheikh Omar today, said the National Union will continue its efforts to normalize the situation in the region and re – activation of theKurdish parliament.
This came during a press conference after the delegations of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and the Movement for Change in Sulaimaniya meeting on the latest developments in the region, Iraq and the region.
He added a nice Sheikh Omar: We discussed during the meeting, the organization of our relations with the federal government, according to the Constitution, and the need to be Kurds essential partners, stressing the need tomaintain a share of the Kurds 20% in the new government.
He stressed , “we must be united on the formation of a technocrat government file, and that the Kurdish front are uniform with respect to any change or file, stressing the need that the ministries that give the Kurds be representative of real maturity.
for his part, Shoresh Haji spokesman said the MDC: the meeting discussed the latest developments in Baghdad and the position of the Kurds toward those problems , saying, We have agreed on a number of points, including atrue partnership in the new government and the administration of all Iraqi institutions.
he added: We support all steps of reform towards the service of citizens , and the formation of the new cabinet cabin, if the changes are extensive, we are ready to provide our candidates like all the other blocs, taking into account Alasthak electoral Kurdish parties other.
on the relations between the National Union and the movement for change and the paper presented by the MDC of the Patriotic Union, Shoresh Haji said We we presented a paper with an agreement to strengthen relations and rapprochement with the National Union, asserting that the paper serves the political process and the people ofKurdistan.
He added: our brothers in the Patriotic Union of studying the paper ‘s political bureau.

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